Glock 19 mags $7

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by AF1Sgt, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Webphisher

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    Thanks for the heads up, but I recommend staying WAY away from the korean mags. Maybe for range use but I wouldn't trust my life with them.

  2. AF1Sgt

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    Have you use one before?
  3. G-23

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    I love the avatar pic!
    I would simply stand clear on the aftermarket mags. I have never seen any long lasting good reviews.
  4. iamthedood

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    ^^ agreed
    At least the glock factory mags are resonable ( esp compared to Sig & walther )
  5. EvilD

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    I have some of the KCI's paid $5, work great, only issue I have ever had is braking the base pads after droping them out of the gun onto concrete. Replaced them with Glock base pads, and have never had a problem. That said, when I carry my G17, its with Glock mags.
  6. bubba2001

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    I have 2 and my brother has 2 that we use at the range for the last 3 years with many rounds fired with no issues ..........I only use them at the range
  7. shaker223

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    I have a couple of them. No issues. I put a +2 base and it now actually holds 20 rounds (+3). No funtionality issues. This mag is a range only mag.

    I actually bought 1000 9mm and 1000 .45 plated projectiles from this supplier. Shipping was a flat $6 and they had a 5% discount code too. Seems to be pretty good communication as well. I received a shipping confirmation a few hours later.

    Thanks for the heads up. Bookmarked!!
  8. good link, but I also recommend staying FAR away from the Korean mags.... heard a lot of bad things about them, but when my life is on the line, I'd rather spend the extra $20 and make sure I get Glock factory mags
  9. EvilD

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    [rant]Don't take this personally because it isn't meant that way, but post like that are useless. I see them every where. [/rant]
  10. no man, not personal at all, hence why I said I Heard lol, I havent used em, but I was saying that IMO I wouldnt recommend them
  11. AF1Sgt

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    What equipment do you use to reload? I just got a lot I brass and need powder, primers, etc... To start reloading.
  12. Darain Gish

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    I have 7 kci mags an I shoot in a lot of gun shoots and I have only had one bad mag and all it needed was some oil.