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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by babylums, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. babylums

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    I placed an order for a Glock 19/Gen 4 about a month and a half ago from a local gunshop. How long does it usually take for a firearm to come in??? This will be my first firearm, so I'm a bit excited about it, but I dont think the wait should be that long. Any ideas?? Should I order it online?? Any suggestions??

    Thank you in advance!
  2. chadsaalfrank

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    My local le dealer just informed me that he has 500 different glocks on order.... glock has informed him they are 450,000 behind! I don't know how try this is but a few other shops around are also having problems with order times as well.

  3. Argyle64

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    It all depends on where you order from. is one of the largest Glock dealers in the country and has a ready stock. I get mine from them in 2 days. However, I ordered a blue label Gen4 17 on January 11th from a local dealer and I still haven't received it yet.
  4. I am VERY fortunate to have one of the three GT Distributors in my area. They told me they don't expect any 19's until June. They have not had any Gen4 19's on hand in weeks......or I would have had another one by now.
  5. Argyle64

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    Good to know.
  6. Have you ordered a Gen4 19 recently from GT? I know the home office is in Austin TX. Maybe they have something on hand that the Rossville GA location doesn't?:confused:
  7. Argyle64

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    I know they can get them from any of their locations. I had my G34 shipped to me from the GA location but my last G17 came from the Austin location.
  8. Interesting. Sometimes, depending on who I talk to in person at the GA location I have to wonder if I'm being told fact or not. What I do know to be fact is every time I've been in there the last few Gen4 19's on hand.
  9. katich

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    How much does a G19 gen 4 cost?
  10. Argyle64

    Argyle64 New Member

    I always call and talk to Dory. She's pretty cool.
  11. You've asked this a couple of times tonight in different threads....:confused:

    $499 to $599 depending on where you buy one.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum babylums !!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum katich !!
  14. KeenansGarage

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    I have to admit, I hate having to 'order' a firearm. They do take forever. Finding one in stock seems to be worse though.

    I ordered my FDE Gen 4 19, and I have NO idea when I will get it. :(
  15. Grabber GT

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    Is it just the 19? I ordered a gen 4 21 last Thursday. They said 4 days and there were 29 of them in stock.
  16. PeacefulWarrior

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    I guess I was fortunate. I walked into my local gun store & bought their last G19 - Gen 4 in late February. I've heard many people are having a difficult time now. I paid $549 & like it so much (my first handgun) that I wouldn't sell it for $1,000 right now! Maybe that's crazy, but i enjoy my weekly range day too much. Feel like a kid again. I'd thought about a Springfield Armory, but I'm glad I went Glock.

    LONEWOLF New Member

    I was recently looking for one as well things looked bleak but i called a store i dont usually use and they had one i ran down and grabbed it I think I got the last one in the state for sale seriously I called everywhere good luck bro what I'm getting at is try to snag a gen 3 to be honest id trade mine for a gen 3 19 there becoming hard to find as well it would have to be new though
  18. fedempl

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    Just purchased a G19 Gen 4. Can't wait to hit the range this weekend.
  19. The last G19 I had, the ex-hole took in the divorce. I am seriously thinking about getting another one. Maybe a Gen4 this time. I sure miss my 19.
  20. katich

    katich New Member

    What is the difference form the glock19 gen 4 and glock 19?