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  1. Hello,

    Forum on the GLOCK French, a member has a problem on his G19 GEN3, and we can not identify the problem for aideret solve this problem.

    - On our forum, all members believe that the duo has "ammo + sound moderator", then when the charger Glock ... ???

    - then when a problem of inertia due that the duo "ammo + sound moderator" ... ???

    Here is two messages of this member of our Forum GLOCK French, I translated as best I could because my English is not very good, sorry.

    Here is the link to our forum to see the GLOCK French subject, who is French of course: =>

    Thank you for your help friends, if you can read me and understand me because my English is not very good.

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  2. Person to answer me ... :(


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    I tried reading the quotes a couple of times. The terminology here might be slightly different.

    From what I can understand, the shooter is using a sound suppressed (sound moderator) on his Glock. When he uses the 'charged' loads, are these are loaded with more gunpowder than normal? If I have this correct, has he changed out the recoil springs to try different ones? The increased back-pressure from the suppressor seems to be causing an issue. Is it ejecting more than one cartridge at a time?

    It is a little difficult for americans to own sound suppressors, so I do not know exactly what would need to be done to correct the problem. Maybe we can work it out though.
  4. Thank you for this initial response, it's nice "KeenansGarage", I'll translate the French Forum on your answer.


    Regards ;)
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    OK, we have a "pb ejection sleeve" that I know nothing about. Maybe a bag type trap for catching empty cartridges?

    "For three or four against the resumption glock ejects the empty cartridge but the cartridge full below!"

    I'm thinking the empties are falling back into the chamber?
    You said "Charger" and I am thinking magazine but are you actually talking about the coulisser (slide)?

    Remerciez-vous poser votre question ici FORUM GLOCK. Je voudrais tenter de répondre à votre question, mais nous semblons être en utilisant termss différentes pour répondre aux différents éléments du G-19. Lorsque vous référer à la "Charger" Je suis perplexe quant à la partie que vous décrivez. Serait-ce le magazine qui contient des cartouches ou de la diapositive qui charge les cartouches dans la chambre?

    Pourriez-vous décrire le "manchon d'éjection pb" et sa fonction?
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  6. The shooter who possessed this G19, he write that when he fires with his moderator of sound, there is a whole cartridge which ejects with the empty cartridge.
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    It could be the extra weight of the suppressor and the recoil spring isn't strong enough. Have him try a heavier recoil spring and see if that helps.
  8. Yes this...
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    And not too much oil, Glock is not a fryer! Pas trop d'huile, un glock n'est pas une friteuse. As seen on the French site, good response.

    I understand that when he fires, a live cartridge also comes out with the expended cartridge.

    I believe that the lips in the magazine is open too wide. First, he should try someone else's magazine and observe the results. If the G-19 operates OK with the other magazine then we can say his magazine is the culprit. I have read through your entire thread on this shooters problem.
    As a Glock Armorer I would consider replacing the magazine springs as well.
    Does this sound like a good idea to you?

    Others have posted a response that a new recoil sping may resolve this issue as well. I believe we should try to determine one step at a time, what is causing the problem.
    Do you agree?

    Je comprends que quand il se déclenche, une cartouche est également livré avec la cartouche vide. Je crois que les lèvres dans le magazine est ouvert trop large. Tout d'abord, il devrait essayer de quelqu'un d'autre magazine et observer les résultats. Si le G-19 fonctionne avec le magazine OK autre alors nous pouvons dire que son magazine est le coupable. J'ai lu dans votre thread sur ce problème tireurs. Comme un armurier Glock je envisager de remplacer les ressorts de magazines ainsi. Cela sonne comme une bonne idée pour vous?

    D'autres ont posté une réponse qu'une nouvelle sping recul peut résoudre ce problème ainsi. Je crois que nous devrions essayer de déterminer une seule étape à la fois, ce qui est la cause du problème.

    Avez-vous d'accord?
    A picture for us Americans[​IMG]
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  10. I agree with you "G23" is an excellent solution your answer ... ;)