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Welcome to the forum, David!

If it's a CARRY gun, I would not modify it all; I'd just have it well polished and shoot it a bit.
My reasons are 2. #1 if you had to use it for self-defense, a prosecutor would try to use the modifications against you.
#2 a lighter trigger has the potential to increase the risk of a negligent discharge. Just one person's opinion.

I have a Springfield XD with a Powder River Precision trigger and sear. The trigger is amazing, but it's so light that I refuse to carry it.

There are many nice after market triggers for Glocks for those who want them but I don't know anything about them. If you search the forum here for information on trigger upgrades you will find lots of opinions. As per forum rules, I looked for posts I could reference but there were too many to list. I searched on "trigger upgrades."

Your 19 looks very nice by the way!
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