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Glock 19 gen 4 ejection issues

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Talked to Glock today and they're going to send me a new RSA. From what I've read on the Internet this sometimes doesn't solve the issue (hitting me in the face) and I've also seen that its the extractor. Anyone else have this problem or know anything?
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This is pretty well covered here but I did have a small similar issue with my first Gen4.

I opted to send mine back and received the new RSA with 043 stamped on it along with the new ejector........Problem Solved. What number is stamped on your ejector?

In the attached pic it shows the original 336 ejector and the new replacement 30274 on the same gun. If you don't want to send your weapon back and be w/o it for a couple weeks I have noticed many vendors are now carrying the 9mm Gen4 trigger housing that have the new ejector in them for around the $14-15 range. At the time when I sent mine back in December that wasn't an option or I would have done that.

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Very nice pictures Mike!

My Gen3 G27 had the same problem. I replaced the extractor which showed very minimal improvement in ejection. Then I installed the .40 version of the new ejector marked "28926", and that solved the problem completely. Some people have reported worse ejection after installing the new ejector, but then they replaced their extractor and it fixed the problem. So the new ejector is necessary, but replacing the extractor may also be necessary.

You can call Glock, speak to the Warranty Service Department, and explain the issue. Tell them you'd like to get the new ejector. They'll tell you to find a local Glock Armorer to order and install the part for you. If you don't have an Armorer near you who will do that for you, tell them that and ask that they send you a prepaid shipping label so you can send the gun back to them and have them do it.
My ejector has 336 on it.
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