Let me begin by explaining that my Glock 19 G3 is my second Glock 19 to eject brass in my face at 6:00. I had a G4 do the same and sold it after trying several recommended modifications. I've been told that my grip is not tight enough or all wrong but my other 10 semiautomatics (M&P's, Sigs, Walther, Rugers, Kimber...) all eject properly and the brass doesn't hit me.Not being one to give up easily on a gun with issues, I went all out on my G3 to solve the eject problem and now have an excellent shooter that's highly accurate, shoots 115gr, 124gr, 147gr, +P ...FMJ & JHP's and forcefully ejects at 4:30 every time.Mods which were needed to solve the BTF issue:Wolff 15# Recoil Guide Rod & Spring replaced the factory 17# spring and plastic guide rod. The lighter spring helps eject more forcefully using 115/124 gr. ammo with light range loads. The stainless guide rod keeps the spring in line under force, won't bend and bind like the plastic.


Apex Failure Resistant Extractor for Glock - Gen 3 has a different shaped claw from the factory extractor and is machined from a billet of aerospace grade stainless steel, not MIM like the factory part.


White Sound Defense +20% stainless steel extractor depressor plunger spring places more force on the extractor.​


Glock 30274 Ejector is recommended by Apex to help solve eject issues.


Spring Load Bearing Glock Item # SP01176 is also recommended by Apex.


In addition to the parts installed to fix the eject problem, I wanted an improved trigger, reset, and other performance enhancements. I always hated the factory plastic trigger and sights, etc., and there are a dizzying number of aftermarket performance parts to choose from.After many hours of reading reviews and watching videos, I decided on the performance and esthetic modifications that I wanted. My Glock 19 now has a butter smooth 3.5# trigger with short reset, but still retains the safety of a carry gun, not a race gun trigger. The big AmeriGlo green front sight is a big improvement as well. I'm shooting fairly tight groups in the bullseye at 21', which for this old man is a big improvement over the stock Glock configuration.Here's the listing of performance mods:Apex Action Enhancement Trigger & Gen 3 Trigger Bar. The shoe is aluminum and configured to shorten takeup, creep and reset.


ZEV Race Connector, v4 lightens the trigger pull.


Wolff STRIKER SPRING RP 4.0 LB also lightens the trigger pull.


Apex Ultimate Safety Plunger smooths the trigger pull and lightens also.


Wolff Reduced Power Striker Safety Block Spring helps the above.


AmeriGlo GL-212-GR-C Glock Tritium Front Sight glows brilliantly and my favorite sights.


Vickers Tango Down Extended Magazine Release helps eject the magazine without changing the position of my shooting hand.


Vickers Tactical Grip Plug/ Takedown Tool is mostly aesthetic but the takedown tool is useful if needed while on the range.

Tractiongrip rubber grip tape has a nice stipple grippy feel, my favorite grip enhancement vs Talon grip tape.