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glock 19 9mm magazine question

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a friend ordered me a 22 round oe glock mag for my 9mm. when the mag arrived it is for a .40. i loaded the clip and the cartridges cycle manually just havent fired yet. will this work?
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I wouldn't use it. Sell it and buy a 33-round 9mm magazine if you can legally own them where you live.
thanks for the info. the mag ordered was a 9mm. the company just sent a .40. i will return it and get the 9mm. 33 rounders are illegal in ohio :( . thanks again
The highest capacity 9mm Glock magazines you can get in Ohio are G17 magazines with magazine extensions. There are some aftermarket companies who make magazine extensions that you can use on G17 magazines in Ohio.

These extensions can be put on G17 magazines to increased their capacity to 27 rounds, and that is legal in Ohio:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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