glock 19, 23, 29, or 30?

Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by mike_stooks, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. mike_stooks

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    I bought a glock 26 two months ago and now I am considering a bigger caliber to pair with it. I really like the glock 30, not sure about the glock 23, is there a huge difference between 9mm and .40 rounds? I am also interested in the glock 29 but I am not very familiar with the 10mm round. What does the 10mm round compare to? Should I just stay with 9mm and get the glock 19. I could really use some input please, thanks.
  2. ampspeak02

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    Iv had a the same question about wich glock to choose from there's some really good info about the glock 19 and 23 on the thread labeled glock 19 or glock 23.

  3. glockadeth

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    It's a matter of preference man, Get which ever you feel more comfortable with. I personally own a Glock 23, 40. I just fell in love with the way it felt in my hand. 9mm is cheapest to shoot, ammo don't cost as much. The 10mm is somewhat on par with a 45. But the 45 packs the biggest punch of em all. 40 cal. is What all your police officers pack around my area. Hope this helps you some.
  4. chadsaalfrank

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    Good choice on the 26! I personally own the 30, 37, 36, 19, 23, 27, 17, and 26. My next purchase is going to be the 29. When it comes to choosing your next glock decide what its purpose will be... range, ccw, home protection, or just all of the above. I carry the 27 for ccw, I shoot very often the 9mm during to the $ for ammo. When I'm hiking or outdoors I carry the 45 Cal. Its all personal preferance. No matter what its a glock and you can't go wrong!
  5. ratchetjaw

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    I am now back to carrying my g19. For a ccw with todays ammo it's fine. If I am going some where I feel I need more I will take my 20sf or 29.
  6. ratchetjaw

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    Oh and as far as 10 mm and 9mm comparison. I shot both yesterday. With underwood full power ammo which I used to. ( been my ccw for past month) the 9 felt also like a toy in recoil.
  7. jimmyalbrecht

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    Actually, out of these calibers, the 10mm has the highest round velocity and force so it would pack the biggest punch. The .45 only has the biggest bore of all the rounds. I chose the 23 because it was a happy medium between all the available calibers, and it just felt right in my hand/ 10mm ammo is going to be SUPER expensive unless you reload.
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    Just bought a Glock 23 and LOVE it! Like you said, it fit the best. I'd say the best thing is to just go see them and see what feels best.
  12. Im in love with a 27.
  13. fls348

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    It's kind of like everyone else has said, it's all personal preference.

    I carry a G19; I like having 16rds. of ammo, and I can get off follow up shots quicker than I could with any of my other Glocks.
  14. fls348

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    The 10mm has quite a bit more punch than a .45
  15. series11

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    I love my G30 and my friend who has a CCW carries his G30. When I get my CCW I am putting my G30 on there. The picture is with my G30 and G21.

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  16. MikeDeltaRomeo

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    If you have the means get them all. :D
  17. JPVetteGT2

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    I'm a 9mm fan. I enjoy shooting the 17, 19, and once in awhile the 26. I know many will jump on me for the shopping power but it gets the job done. Cheap to operate too.
  18. Tillerman

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    I am right there with you on that one. Although I did just purchase a Glock 30sf I still do not feel underpowered with my Glock 19. I trust the 9 mm for personal defense.
  19. JMJ3

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    Thank you sir.