Glock 17C 3rd Gen Defects? Thoughts anyone?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by tateconcepts, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Hello all,
    I purchased a Glock 17C 3rd Gen last month along with a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 to match and have since fired approximately 850 rounds through it. Of these 1000, the first 100 were Winchester SXZ FMJ, then the next 500 were random Winchester (stamped Win 86, 89, and 90). The last were 50 Federal and then 200 Winchester White Box.

    Since I have been shooting the Federal rounds (don't think Federal is the issue here) - I have noticed that the sighting seems off. I do know that I had a bad round sometime around when this may have occurred as it was the last of the 500 Winchester mix. I was told they weren't reloads but I have no way of knowing from my expertise. I do know that two people have also used this firearm and we are putting it to the upper left to get on target. I also compared it at Bass Pro to another Gen 3 17 and Gen 4 17 and there is certainly no gap present at the front of the slide. Any thoughts anyone (see pics below)?


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    Welcome tate concepts, I do not have an answer for that but I assure you someone will, in the meantime. Welcome to the forum!!

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    My Glock has a gap between the slide and the frame, but one thing I noticed about yours is that the end of the frame (rail) seems to curve upwards. does it seem that way in person or is it just in the picture?
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    Your talking a out your dust cover up front? That's called the "pig nose". There's nothing wrong with your weapon. A lot of Gen 3's have this phenomenon, some more prevalent than others.
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    :(:eek: I would have to say you had a double charged cartridge from the looks of the damage to the cartridge.


    The primer has been blown out as well as the expanded/ruptured case head. By it's self, this should not have caused the gun to shoot off axis. However, if at the same time this occurred you experienced a squib round (didn't clear the barrel) the next shot you made would have put another round down the barrel hitting the first and this could have buldged the barrel. This can create all kinds of havoc when trying fire an aimed shot because the barrel looses contact with the projectile as it travels down the barrel.

    You need to seek professional assistance in determining what has happened to you gun/barrel.
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    Just a side note; if your are not using factory ammo you run the disk of additional issues if you don' t know the ammo loads. Also you must FMJ in the stock barrel at all times. Be sure the bullet in not just copper plated as this as well as lead bullets can damage the barrel and lead to unsafe pressures. If someone has fired copper plated or lead bullets through the barrel in the past, this could contribute to the inaccuracy of the pistol.
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    My 17 also has the "pignose", and I've never had issues. I've seen this plenty of times. Not a problem bro.