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  1. Hi! I'm looking for someone in the Chicago area to sell me a lightly used glock 17. Having a little trouble finding one, looking for a gen 3 17, with mags and everything, looking to spend about $500. Let me know who has one for me :)
  2. I know for sure they have the FDE G17's G4 at Cabelas, and usually GAT has both Gen 3 and 4. If you want shoot me a PM and I can check, I pass by both places on the way home from work. I bought my Gen 4 G17 at GAT.

  3. Just bought mine yesterday, Im good now lol
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    Good job Bryan...where much... and where's the pics ??
  5. well, I'm picking it up tomorrow, had to wait 72 hours.... thanks IL.... anyways, glock 17 gen 3 brand new, custom trijicon night "i" sights, $619, not too bad, went to MegaSports in Plainfield, IL, great place, Ill do a new post and everything tomorrow night with description of the events and pics