Glock 17 w/ TLR 1 holster???

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by Lambshot23, Feb 22, 2012.

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    I am trying to find a holster that will fit my Glock 17 w/ a tlr 1 light. I ordered a safari land via Midway but it just doesn't fit the way I would like. What do you guys recommend? Any suggestions would be great.

  2. Lambshot23

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    talk to me buddy, whatcha got???
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    Right now it seems Mike is seeing only $$$ signs :)
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    I'll leave this to Mike unless you are looking for something non-kydex
  5. Click the banner in my sig to have a look. They are not officially listed for sale on the site but we have been building them.
  6. Feel free to offer him any other suggestions, I'm cool with it.:cool: I was merely giving him an option.
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