Glock 17 vs glock 22?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by glocksmith, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. glocksmith

    glocksmith New Member

    Wanna know everyone's preference on the g17 and the g22. Thinking bout adding another to the collection

    DARKYURI New Member

    Glock 27 is the best choice

  3. MikeDeltaRomeo

    MikeDeltaRomeo New Member

    Don't think. Just do it and collect them all.
  4. jeffrey3208

    jeffrey3208 New Member

    i say start at the 17 and work your way up... there all amazing pistols.
  5. jeffrey3208

    jeffrey3208 New Member

    but if you had to choose, why go for the 22 or 17? why not go big and go 34 or 35, or go long and go 24 or 17L
  6. hermdog2004

    hermdog2004 New Member

    I say buy the 22 and add the lone wolf barrel. That's the best way imho. Same feel, two different calibers. I love my 22 and my 9mm barrel.
  7. jeffrey3208

    jeffrey3208 New Member

    i did the same thing hermdog is talking about with my 35
  8. Redhawk41mag

    Redhawk41mag New Member

    G17 - Iconic, the OG Mack Daddy
  9. G22GEN4

    G22GEN4 New Member

    Well with the 22, u can have 40 cal, 9mm, & 357.... If I'm not mistaking.
  10. smpeck88

    smpeck88 New Member

    Best advice i've ever heard :D

    But, personally, I love the G22. I guess what it comes down to is what caliber you like better. Or you could do what otehrs have already suggested and get the 22 and the 9mm barrel.
  11. glockster86

    glockster86 New Member

    Both are great guns lol
  12. I've never shot the 17, just the 22 and 27. I am partial to the .40 since that was the first duty weapon I was issued and I do not buy additional calibers so that everything I own feeds the same caliber. In the end it's simply personal preference though, I've never met a Glock I didn't like :)
  13. The only Glock I'm not a fan of is the 22 and 23, they are way to snappy for me. On the other hand the 17, 19, 26 shoot brilliantly.
  14. G18

    G18 New Member

    Yea it's a 115 grain bullet / 180 grain quiet a difference
  15. I shoot 147gr 9mm and my XD40 is all 180gr, no snap like the 22-23
  16. And even shooting my Glock 31 is preferably better for me than a Glock 22, but again it is what I prefer, kuddos to those who love there 22, 23, and 27
  17. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz Regular Guy

    If you could only have one, I would go with the G17. Practical for the range since the ammo is a little cheaper. The are great SD loads for the 9mm. You can get ammo for a 9mm anywhere. With that being said, get both. :D
  18. bigbarbour71

    bigbarbour71 New Member

    I have owned both and competed with both. Honestly, you can't go wrong with either. My personal preference is the g-17 for versatility, cost, capacity, shoot ability, and the ability to use the factory 33 round G18 magazine.