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    The 9mm gets much backslash because much people think of it as just a 115gr bullet with low power but with today's technology and improved ballistics with the type of ammo manufactured from various vendors, the 9mn is just as good as any .40s&w, .45acp or .357sig shure some have different roles for different tasks but for self defense or duty it serves a important role in the gun world.
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    I have a G17 that I mainly use for range time. I think the main advantage with a 9mm used to be capacity. Now I have my G22 in .40 cal with 15 rounds, that's only 2 less then the 9mm. Now the 9mm does have less recoil so I think to each their own... I have Glocks in .45, 9mm, and .40cal, I love them all but choose to carry my G23 or G22 preferably. That's just what I choose, if you like 9mm I say go with it. I know people who carry a .380 and are totally comfortable with that.

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    True everyone to there own I love my 17c it is always there when I need it never had 1 hiccup with it I do a lot of idpa and I do personal security detail so it is a overall great pistol. but in my opinion a 147gr bullet going 1000 fps roughly is just as well as a .40 or a .45 the receiving end won't notice!
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    Ask for hard evidence that the 9 is inferior to any other fighting caliber and you'll get goofy answers with out any real data to back it up.
    There is virtually no difference in good 9mm ammo vs good 40 vs good 45. By good I mean modern hollow point ammo, not fmj. They all come 90-94% 1 shot stop history. But, if your even in a gun fight, you don't stop shooting till the bad guy is no longer a threat or your no longer a target. That being said, you going to want a gun that you control the best, caliber is irrelevant. The argument has been beat to death. Shot placement mean every thing.
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    A well-trained and practiced pistolero with a 9MM JHP is far more dangerous than a untrained, ignorant, wannabe tough guy with a .50AE.
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    I also look at it like this...I can afford to shoot much more 9mm that I can everything else (I don't reload). I would rather practice with a few thousand rounds and know I can hit the target with 9mm then to only afford half that with the other calibers and not get to practice as much.
  7. I have my 30 for when I get my CHL, but I have my eye on the 17 for range: not just competition, but the longer sight radius and comparably less recoil means i can shoot it farther more accurately.
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    Shot placement is everything I agree any CNS area will stop them cold but I brought this up because alot of people that I work PSD with always argue with one another.