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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by glocksmith, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. glocksmith

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    I just got a brand new Glock 17 gen4 and I was wondering what are some good accessories and mods to add onto my Glock to improve it (although we all know glocks are amazing out of the box) here's a picture of the pretty lady!

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  2. bhale187

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    Before you do any mods put alot of rounds down the tube, you may notice something that you'd like to change (match barrel, lighter trigger, etc), but I wouldn't mess with it until you find something you think NEEDS changed.

    As for accessories, I like night sights, TLR light or light/laser combo, factory 33rd mags, and you just got to have a bayonet. ;)

  3. rubikees

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    After the rounds; trigger job, stainless guide rod, and maybe polish up the slide lock. The Houston area Glock smith recommended changing out the slide retainer to increase accuracy. Maybe even get a mag well put on it for faster reloading. Oh, and if you really want to change things, cermamic coat the slide.
  4. Geotrucker

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    I just bought a glock 17 gen 4 gun and first time out it jambed on me 4 times only shooting 33 shots. Brought back to dealers and they sent it back to glock. Called glock today and they said it could be a 2 to 4 week turnaround but more than likley 2 weeks. Asked to speak to supervisor and that person told me may have it back by end of this week. Think glock should have sent a new gun back at soon as they got this back as it is a brand new gun. So much for best gun out there.
  5. bhale187

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    Glock taking time to evaluate the gun before simply shipping out a new one to you only makes sense. The vast majority of failure to feed I've seen in Glocks has been limp wristing on the part of the operater and nothing was wrong with the pistol.
  6. cola490

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    Talon Grips

    LOL----The only thing I would recommend out of the box would be a set of Talon Grips.

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  7. Glockinator19

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    +1...most of the time it's not the pistol, just the shooter. Might not have been anything wrong with it, so you sent it in right away? Didn't even look it over or try it more?
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