Glock 17 gen3-gen4?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by urquidez, May 23, 2012.

  1. urquidez

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    Am going to buy a glock 17 wanted to know wut is the difference between the gen 3 and gen 4.plzz and ty
  2. The Gen 4 has a different textured grip, a shorter frame(the distance from where the grip fits against the thumb to the trigger. It comes with 3 different backstraps that can be attached if needed.) Larger ambi mag release, improved recoil spring assembly and "Gen 4" stamped on the slide. I own a G26 Gen4 and I love it! Not knocking the Gen 3, cause I've heard really good feedback on them, but what sold me on the Gen 4 was the short frame. It fits my hand better than the Gen 3. However, I do like the grip texture on the Gen 3 better, so I put some Talon grips in mine. Also, if you go with Gen 4 and you buy it new, you should get 3 mags instead if 2. The Gen 4 usually costs about $50 more. You really can't go wrong either way! I mean, it's a Glock! Perfection either way! Hope this helped!

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    I personally went with the 19 Gen 4 for the grip options and extra mag. My wife really likes the slightly shorter frame. I find it very nice as well without any added back straps. For those two reasons I'd say its worth the extra cash. It sounds like they've worked out all of the bugs with the ejector. I've put almost a 1,000 rounds through my 19 without a single hiccup. But really either will serve you well.
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    I suggest you shoot both and see how you like them. You can discuss the features of both all day, however its redundant both can be modded for shooter preference. Which the bottom line is shooter preference, see which you prefer to shoot and pick the one you feel more comfortable shooting. Both are very capable weapons and can get the job done. I personally own both generations Gen 3 G23 and a Gen 4 G19 I love both of them. Both are very controllable to me. However the new double spring system in the Gen 4 makes the 9mm feel like a .38 or weaker. it feels great to shoot very low recoil. My G23 is very controllable as well the .40 feels great shooting any generation or model of Glock. Remember shooter preference is what counts.
  5. deadduck357

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    You'll just have to handle both. I have always and still like the 3rd generation but recently got a Gen4 and am totally pleased with it also. The 4th is just the latest version with some upgrades. Both are good to go.
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    Get a Gen4 and thank me later.
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    You just gotta go check them both out. I went to get a G17gen4, but after checking them out I went with the gen3. Either way, you won't be disappointed bro!!!!
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    I'm picking up my Gen 3 17 on Sunday. They don't sell gen 4's in Cali...
  9. jmiles50

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    What? Why?
  10. NoMoss

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    I'm in CA also and you are right, the Gen4s are not NORMALLY sold in CA. But you find a gun shop that does Single Shot Exemption (SSE). Do a search on 'calguns' and SSE. If you want the Gen4, there are ways around it.