Glock 17 Gen 4- jam / bent ejector?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by Cheswald, May 12, 2012.

  1. Cheswald

    Cheswald New Member

    Shot about 275 rounds today. Several failure to ejects/stove pipe and crap load of brass flying at my head. I burned the side of my head with when the brass landed between my glasses and my head. I had to laugh but it did hurt. I think I have a bent ejector. The guide rod has a stamp of 042 and the ejector has a stamp of 336.

    I think I need to call Glock but wanted to see anyone had any other suggestions.

    Thank You.

  2. zachG23

    zachG23 New Member

    Get some plyers and bend it back its very bent

  3. AverageCitizen

    AverageCitizen New Member

    I thought 9mm electors had a slight bend in them to begin with. I could be wrong
  4. GloCk_boi_3007

    GloCk_boi_3007 New Member

    The ejector on the G17 and 19, comes from the factory like that, to eject the smaller casing
  5. Cheswald

    Cheswald New Member

    I watched a YouTube video that said to call glock if the ejector has the 336 stamp on it. I will call glock on Monday and see about sending it in or if they can send me an ejector to install myself.
  6. Argyle64

    Argyle64 New Member

    Yeah, your ejector is not bent. It comes that way from the factory. If the angle is off, even slightly, it will throw the brass back at you. That's one nice thing about 1911's. If your brass isn't going where you want it to you can bend and adjust the extractor.
  7. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    New guns will throw brass in your face for the first several hundred rounds. Wear a hat to protect you.

    On another note, every Glock I buy I always call I. To make sure my model didn't have any part changes after shipping. But from what I remember the 336 is only an issue in the G19s. My 25th anniversary G17 has that ejector and Glock said it was good to go. But calling never hurts.
  8. Caseyglock19

    Caseyglock19 New Member

    They come bent like that.
  9. Cheswald

    Cheswald New Member

    Thanks for all the information. I plan to call glock and see if there is any parts that are on the recall list. I may need to just run some more ammo through it.
  10. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Cheswald !!

    Let us know how you make out...
  11. Cheswald

    Cheswald New Member

    Called Glock today and they said I should use the blazer 124 gr ammo that's they test the flicks with. I asked, are you telling me that all I can do is change the ammo that I am shooting. The tech said I can send it in to them which takes 6 weeks or have a glock armorer call in and they will send a new ejector in 10 days.. The gun shop that I purchased it from has a glock armorer. I will be dropping it off today.

    Thanks for all the help and Baba Booey to ya all.