From Blade-Tech:
BLADE-TECH Outside the Waistband (OWB) holsters are some of the most popular designs on the market today; being used to concealed carry for duty and personal protection as well as being worn by some of the best marksmen in modern competitive shooting sports. Whether you use a holster for work, competition or personal defense, BLADE-TECH offers you the highest quality, best option for almost any need.


Price: $65.00
Pros: Good fit, excellent retention, positive feel on weapon removal
Cons: Difficult to conceal, uncomfortable while seated in a car
Recommended? Yes

I purchased this holster for use at Front Sight firearms training, and was pleasantly surprised. I have tried many other holsters before, and this one worked better than most. For the price, it works amazingly well for everyday open carry. I use it when hiking or on Jeep trails as those are the only times I open carry. This holster retains the pistol very well, and I never worry about it dropping my gun when I'm moving around and climbing through/over obstacles. I often find myself entering abandoned mines and climbing up/down very rough terrain, and have yet to have the holster fail. It is adjustable for can't, belt width, and pistol tightness. The adjustment screws clamp the gun between the sides of the holster very well, and have not caused any wear or damage to the finish on my Glock. During my Front Sight class, I presented(drew) my gun literally hundreds of times during the 4 day course, with no noticeable wear or damage from this holster.