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Hey Guys just saw this video by this youtuber and i was wondering if it is more common than you think.
Since i am pretty new to owning a 10MM and with my recent Acquisition of a Glock 40 Gen4 MOS 10MM for my Trips in the woods.
I am assuming that if it can happen to a Glock 20 it could happen to the Glock 40

I saw the video here
where this youtuber in Alaska Explains his take on it.

Will my Stock/Factory Glock 40 Gen4 be okay with These More Powerful Rounds such as the Underwood 10MM 220gr Hi Tek Coated Rounds or should i get a KKM Aftermarket Barrel for my Glock 40 Gen4 MOS if i am gonna shoot these 10MM 220gr Underwood Rounds???

I know alot of you guys have experience with shooting some HOT 10MM Loads through your Glock 20,Glock 40
I hope i don't have to worry about this. If anyone knows the details on this story or ones just like it let me know
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