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    Just bought a NIB GEN 4 GLOCK 19 & of course the trigger is horrible for me. In my previous G19 I installed the GHOST 3.5lb trigger connector and it made the trigger much better so I thought I would do the same this time, however, they now have different styles of this product so I ordered the "ROCKET" version, had it installed and after 200 rounds down range I'm wondering if I did the right thing.
    Don't get me wrong, I think the problem is me, not the product but I want to know if others have used it and what their impressions are.
    My biggest thing is that there's no reset at all & I know that's what it's supposed to do, is this how everybody elses is working. I'm used to feeling that little amount of reset to know I'm ready to fire again but now that's gone. The trigger pull is definitely lighter, a good thing.
  2. Who installed it? The rocket is not a drop in part. It has to be fitted to the weapon.

  3. THIS. Also just the connector is not suggested, you should also install a 6LB spring from Wolf.
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    I have a 19 Gen 3. I'm still a little skeptical changing the factory trigger. Obviously a lot of you guys do it or have done it. Any complications? I guess my biggest concern is The gun may not be as durable. Or trigger may not last.

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    I would keep it stock. That will ensure maximum reliability and safety. With practice it's easy to shoot really well with the stock trigger. It's actually a pretty good trigger with a crisp reset stock. When you make a lighter sometimes you loose that nice crisp reset and release
  6. Ghost trigger parts undergo the Glock reliability and torture tests. Also it is next to impossible to install the drop in connector wrong, so they are every bit as safe and secure and reliable as factory.
  7. I installed the Ghost rocket with the wolf 6lb striker spring and the 6lb trigger spring it is fantastic!No overtravel and the reset is nice. I instaled the rocket with out the other springs and the trigger was lighter and no right. I installed the wolf springs it made it seem like night and day!! I would not use the rocket without the wolf springs! I dont think it would be safe to shoot without them.