Ghost Trigger Connector and Gen 4s

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  1. biohazard2m

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    Hi all, I was at my local gun shop to purchase a 3.5 ghost trigger connector for my G23 gen 4. The guy told me that they needed to be machined to fit properly, otherwise it would scrape during trigger pull.

    Does this sound right? Does anybody have one installed in a Gen 4 that can chime in? Thank you all as always!
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  2. biohazard2m

    biohazard2m New Member

    Thanks! I didn't differentiate the rocket from the normal one when I asked the guy about it, he just seemed pretty sure of himself and told me he could do the installation. But I had never heard that before that it needed an extra work to get it to fit in a gen 4.

    You've confirmed my suspicions, thanks! :D
  3. dwcfastrice

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    Was he going to charge you?

    I'm running Ghost 3.5# connectors on all 3 of my glock 23 gen4's right now. Dropped right in.

  4. biohazard2m

    biohazard2m New Member

    For the low low price of $40 for the machine work and install :rolleyes:

    Now it could be that he meant the rocket or tactical, but I certainly didn't say that I wanted those specifically, I just asked if they had ghost trigger connectors in stock

    At least I didn't get taken, I thought to myself.. Glock forum will know...
  5. Ghost23

    Ghost23 New Member

    I've done everything on my 23 gen4 myself, excluding the sights. I have the connector, plus all of the springs. With this system and a few separate 25 cent trigger jobs, my trigger pull was reduced to 2.8 pounds, which is awesome, but a little too touchy for carrying, so I scuffed it back up to 3.1 pounds. Don't pay someone for what you can do yourself. YouTube is your friend, remember that! :)
  6. Markaveli

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    I paid $ 24 for my Ghost Rocket, awsome connector some filing is needed with a dremel or hand filing, easy to do. invest in the "complete Ghost Armors tool and orange slide plate with connector, its very tedious but you will love it, feels like a constant smooth pull.. Save your money and do it yourself! Good luck!
  7. HenryinFlorida

    HenryinFlorida New Member

    The Ghost Ultimate is a 3.5lb connector that is a drop in part. It still reduces pre travel and has that same great feel. I use it in my home defense G21SF. For my carry Glock I use the Ghost Ranger 4.5lb connectors. I use there 6lb trigger and firing pin springs.
  8. biohazard2m

    biohazard2m New Member

    Quick update, i finally bought and installed the ghost 3.5 connector. It installed easy, but racking the slide seems to stick and requires some extra effort. Once its pulled past that point, it slides the rest of the way back freely as usual. Is this something that will work itself out? I havent fired it yet.

  9. Go to section II. Check your bend......
  10. Markaveli

    Markaveli The New Kid

    + 1 check your bend don't forget to remove the slag. I also buffed it out with a dremmel.. Awsome connector, feels good on my 27..
  11. ccwMike

    ccwMike New Member

    ghost trigger connector

    got the LWD, is drop-in and works fine.:confused:
  12. gtrew

    gtrew New Member

    Had the same thing happen with me I emailed Ghost about it and here's the response I got

    "It is not normal. But we have found that if it occurs it is gun dependent and after the parts mate usually it goes away.
    We make the reset/disconnector tab slightly longer on our connectors this is to insure 100% reliability under extreme conditions.
    This could be causing the problem. You can first try doing a bend angle adjustment by closing the 90 degree angle. This will make the connector lay flatter on the trigger housing and may eliminate most of the drag. Also rub your finger over the reset/disconnector tab and check to see if there any burrs.
    If there are burrs you may return it and we will send you a new.
    It will not harm the pistol to shoot it, the connector eventually mates to the slide because the slide is twice as hard.
    If there are no burrs try firing the pistol. The problem will resolve itself after 500 or 600 hundred cycles when the parts mate".

    I ended up sending mine back and they sent me a new one and did adjustments to the new they sent me, Works great now. Also, very impressed with their customer service!
  13. Glockinator19

    Glockinator19 Certified Glock Armorer

    I made a video and thread for people here to fix that :-D
  14. gtrew

    gtrew New Member

    Wish I saw you're video earlier lol I was hesitant to bend my connector.
  15. Glockinator19

    Glockinator19 Certified Glock Armorer

    It won't hurt it :-D just apply a little pressure.
  16. dogwalk

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    I put Lone Wolf 3 1/2 connectors in all five of my Glocks and the old 6+ trigger pull was reduced to 3 3/4. Can't complain about that. I didn't feel the need to replace any spring however.
  17. g17McCoy

    g17McCoy New Member

    If I buy this I don't need anything else and do I have to modify anything
    Glockworx Race Connector Glock All Models 2 lb
    I have completely Disassemble the weapon before
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  18. Glockinator19

    Glockinator19 Certified Glock Armorer

    No modifications, just drop it in