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    Hey, I'm new to the group but I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen. I recently had my Ghost Pro 3.3 trigger kit installed. The instructions said that the trigger connector would need to be filed down by 1/32" for it to connect. I watched videos on it and it showed that without any filing, the firing pin would not connect and would not dry fire. But when I had mine installed on my Glock 26 Gen 4, it did not require any filing at all. It dropped right in and it dry fires with no issues. I have yet to take it to the range to shoot it but has anyone else had this happen? I am just wondering if I had it filed anyways, would it be smoother or would it stop working properly? Thanks for the help with this.
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    I have never filed any of the connectors I have ever installed and that is about 50 of them.

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    On the 19, the ghost connector has to be filed to adjust the trigger stop. It comes in oversized and the gun will not fire unless the file is taken to it.

    I was surprised at how much I had to take off. The 26 is obviously different.
  4. Different guns have different tolerances. I have built 3 P80 Glocks and all have the Rocket trigger and all had to be fitted. Some took a little less filing to get the right fit.
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    I have installed about 6 so far on my Glocks and every one fit right off. Maybe as they are all OEM?
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    Glock OEM connectors (and many others) are 'drop in' parts and require no fitting. :)

    That said, refer to...


    "The GHOST EVO ELITE, PRO 3.3, ROCKET & TACTICAL are not "Drop In" parts. They are fitted by shortening the Trigger Control Tab/Stop (TCT) of the EVO ELITE, PRO 3.3, ROCKET or TACTICAL."

    "The GHOST 3.5 LB. TRIGGER, 3.5 LB. ULTIMATE, EDGE 3.5, 4.5 LB. RANGER & 5.0 LB. PATROL are drop-in trigger connectors. Drop-in means there is NO fitting required."

    Also, the following video may be of interest.

    Adjusting your connector - Bend angle adjustment

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  7. I just put a Pro 3.3 in my P80 G19. Good golly it's vunderbar! I have been running Rocket connectors since 2008....this is a step forward. BUT! Only if you don't like to feel a break point on your trigger! With the Rocket you can feel it hit a wall before the break.....none with the Pro 3.3. I like it! Will test fire today.....