Ghost Edge Connector for Glock 43 Wrecked my new Glock in 15 rounds.

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    This auction is now today 06/20/2014 posted on ebay wonder what this is all about ebayer ID (totalcrap (1171 ) 100% feedback.

    Selling a used Ghost Edge Connector. Fired 250 trouble free rounds using Gold Dot ammo. Installed the Ghost Edge and in 15 rounds and it rendered my new Glock 43 useless. After 10 rounds the slide would not lock back. Another 5 and the trigger no longer reset. If you want to risk your life for a sloppy trigger pull, this baby is for you!

    I have a Ghost Connector in my G27, and was going to get one for my G43 but would like to know if anyone else had the same problem.

    Jack Stravage
    USN Vet.
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    What bubba put it in ??

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    Contact Ghost and let them know what the problem is. They took care of me when I had problems before.
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    I ordered one3 weeks ago for my g42, last week put it in and fired 150 trouble free rounds through it yesterday. seems fine to me. Don't know yet what the trigger pull is as I have to borrow a gauge, but seems real nice to me. I was even able to double tap three times with no problem.
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  5. i have the ghost edge in two 42, one 43, and one 17. they have worked fine in all four pistols. just got the 43 and only a couple of hundred down range but have had no problems so far. i agree if you think the ghost connecter is the problem first move would be to contact them
  6. It sounds like the connector was bent during install. If it gets bent just a hair it will cause problems.
    Check the outward bend angle of the connector. This is done by sliding a piece of (.003 or standard 20 lb paper) paper between the connector and the top portion of the trigger mechanism housing. The paper should slide through with a little resistance. If the paper does not slide through then the connector needs to removed and bent out ever so slightly. If it slides through with no resistance the connector needs to be removed and bent in ever so slightly. -Measuring the bend angle- -Checking the bend angle with a sheet of paper- -Adjusting the bend angle-

    The connector being bent too far inwards is the most common customer problem. The connectors are modeled after the Glock connectors. There are slight variances in the trigger mechanism housings which can affect the final bend angles. Please use the technique above to insure your connector bend angle is correct.
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  7. So is something for sale in this thread? I am lost...
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    Let us know what happened if anything. Talk with Oliver and I bet he'll hook you up but like mentioned it sounds bent. Doesn't take much.
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    I just had a ghost ultimate connector nearly ruin my 27 Gen.4. It had around 400 rounds through it. I had to replace the the trigger bar with trigger, and put my OEM connector back in.
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    just installed a Ghost EDGE Connector in my G43 and now it occasionally will not reset the trigger. Is there another part(s) I should have changed as well?

    Thank you for your help -
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    This should be in the discussion section.
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    Used them in a G42, 43, 19 & 34 without issue.
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    Have one i my G23 for about 3 years and I think about 800 rds and nary a hiccup one. I heard back when I bought it about the bending issue so when I clean it the weapon I check to see if the connector is out of whack. All is good.
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    Your trigger pull should be just under 4#(according to my fish scale, lol), it made my groups improved greatly with the G42.
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    I am so confused
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