Ghost 3.5 "Rocket" or "Ultimate"?

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  1. Should I install the Ghost 3.5 "Rocket" or the "Ultimate"? It's very little difference in price, but the website says the Ultimate is a drop-in design, while the Rocket requires some "minor fitting" to reduce trigger over travel. I'm not a gunsmith, but I want to install it myself. So, in the opinions of the fellow Glockers, which one is best for me?
  2. You pretty much answered your own question.

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    Remember this, while they all say "Drop In" that does not necessarily mean that no fitting or adjustments are needed.
    Follow the instructions, check Ghost Inc's web site for instructions.
    After your install you may need to slightly bend the connector to get that "Snap" from the trigger pull otherwise it may sound and feel "Spongie".
  4. Get the Ultimate absolutely love mine with spring kit it's like butter breaks like glass no over travel!
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    I have the ghost ultimate 3.5 and lone wolf spring kit in my gen4 22 and wouldnt have it any other way. The trigger is very shooter friendly and breaks very crisp I highly recomend this set up.
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    I have a Rocket, and love it
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    Just remember when installing, you have to have the correct angle on the connector. If not, it could not go "click" at all. I spend about 10 minutes installing a connector on a customer's gun. It takes that long just to get the correct angle for maximum efficiency and proper functioning.
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    I fixed it for you. But it is true. Scary when it happens. Happened once to me and I quickly fixed that problem.
  9. IMO, only ones who know what they are doing and have the proper slide plate cover for doing such work should be the ones messing with a Rocket or any other that needs "fitting".
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    Exactly!! So send your Glocks to me and I'll make sure they run perfectly.
  11. I did the rocket upgrade today. If you use a file you will be filing for hours use a dremel takes 5 mins. Going to range tomorrow to try it out.I thought it had a fast reset with the 4.5 connecter and the rocket did stop the over travel!
  12. Thanks for all the info and advice! I know what to buy now! Thanks again guys!
  13. I decided to go with the Ghost Ultimate 3.5 connector and 6.0 trigger spring! I think and hope this will be the best setup for me! I got it ordered this morning from and they were actually cheaper than Amazon! Go figure! I'll let everyone know how it works out! Thanks for all the info and help!
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    Thats exactly what I did, Used a dremel and it was a pretty fast process, a little trial and error until you get it just right but its not hard at all. anybody that can break down your glock should be able to install the rocket them selves. I love my trigger so much more now.
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