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trigger252 said:
Wat kind of initial cost would I be looking at and how much time are you talking about having to be devoted? Although it would be fun just as a hobby the main reason is for cheaper ammo...I thought it would be a good idea bc I also want to get into shooting sports with my glocks
Dillon RL 550b w/ caliber conversion - $470
Powder scale - $70
Case media seperator - $50
Corn cob media - $16
Vibratory cleaner - $150
1,000 heads - $116
5,000 primers - $26
1,000 brass (used) - $80
8lbs powder - $105

Total approx $1,083 plus shipping

This is approximates and is for .40 s&w, 9mm will be slightly cheaper for bullets/brass.

Will pay for itself after first 4,000 loads or so. A little steep in beginning, but if you plan on competing it'll pay off in long run.

If competing, plan on about 10 - 12,000 rounds per year for practice and competitions (more depending on how much you practice)

This'll help ya out with rough estimates...
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