Getting Rid of My Glocks

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by adc100, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. adc100

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    Well I have around 200+ rounds thru my Glock 44. It is very picky and the only ammo that works really well is CCI. 40 Grain. Most youtubes indicated that. Idon't have than many rounds of cci but if it turns out that the cci is great, I'll limp along with the other stuff. If not I'll send it back to glock and if it can't be improved, I'll trade it on a taurus tx22.
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    All the factors you described. I mean you answered your own question. I am in no way shape or form selling my 19 or 26 but will definitely in the future be buying a 365 or hellcat. The great thing about so many different options is we don’t have to stick with just one.
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  3. miniman

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    there is nothing wrong with options.i allways follow my heart my hellcats a shooter.
  4. adc100

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    Well I did buy a TX-22 and I really love it. Fabulous trigger, very reliable, the slide racks extremely easily and for me the grip is better. Paid $269 for it.

    Having said that my 44 is dead reliable now. So I will not get rid of it anytime soon.

    My 9mm Sig P365 is (for me) is a better gun than my old 43 or 26. Not one failure in a couple hundred rounds. But a couple hundred rounds is really not enough to be reliable as a carry gun. As a result I carry an extra mag.
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    I have 5 glocks, no issues with any since 1999..all personal preference and taste. All kinds of pistols came out to copy glock or make it one gun style or manufacturer will fit the world. Pick one, buy it, try it.if you like it keep it, if yoi don't sell it and try another. My .02, Glock is extremely reliable, goes bang! Peace
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    Update. The back of the firing pin (the part that sticks up) BROKE> ***? Sent it back. Anxious to get it back. I actually intend to get a G19 in the future. The G44 is identical in size so it will be a good trainer for the G19

    Guess I am not done with
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