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Getting rid of G36? gen4 g19 or g23

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Have a Gen3 G19 which i love. I keep that at home for my wife, and wanted something to carry and keep in the car, so i bought a g36

I shot it before i bought it, plus my neighbor has one too ... and i liked the way it tucked away

But, after shooting it a bit. I am much more accurate w/ my G19 and deal w/ the recoil much better w/ the 9mm

I keep thinking the 6+1 isn't enough, and will i be able to be as accurate w/ the g36 vs a 9mm

Am i crazy for considering getting rid of the G36 and grabbing a Gen4 g19 ? One for home, one for the car and carry

I know a lot of people love the g23. I have never shot one...i keep hearing it is snappy. So if i don't love the feel of the g36, will i feel the same about a g23?
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You may just need a little more range time with your 36 before you make a decision. I wouldn't give up on it yet. Perhaps after another trip you may change your mind?

Some of the guys here seem to think that the .40 S&W has more felt recoil than the .45ACP. I couldn't give you that answer as I've never owned or shot a .40 but I'd be willing to bet if you ARE a little sensitive to the .45 that you'd most certainly be sensitive to the .40
Plus if you get the gen4 G19 you can stick with one caliber. I hear good things about the G36 but its not always for anyone.
I have a 17. 26, and 23, all Gen4's the 23 is my favorite with 4000 rounds of .40S&W in the first 6 months . I would like to get a 36 gut don't care for the gen3 frame textures.
I was very disappointed with my G36 the first time at the range. Breaking it down to clean later, I found the guide rod to be too flimsy for my liking. Immediately ordered a S/S guide rod and that G36 has been bang on ever since.
You have to get out and shoot it brother! Its a small compact 45 its not going to be as easy as a larger frame 9mm, but with practice you will tame it. I'm just like you I absolutly love my 19 I'm super accurate with it and its my bread and butter gun but I carry a 36 every day and I was worried about round count at first but alot of reading and research and stressed range time (I purposely try and stress myself out.. i have my girl yell at me and try and make me as uncomfortable as possible) has lead me to belive 7 rounds is enough to hit my target. BUTTTT do what make you the most comfortable.

Cheers, Dave
If you like 45acp and still want something small enough for CCW then why not give the G30 or G30sf a look? That way you can still use all the ammo you've got stocked and you'll bump up to 10+1 or even 13+1 with a G21 full size mag.
Of the two guns you've listed(G19 and G23) I'd go G19 over the G23 because ammo will be cheaper, recoil is a lot less and you'll get a couple more rounds in the magazine.
IMHO in ease of shooting and recoil I'd rank em' 9x19mm, 45acp and 40S&W in that order.

You can get a +1 extension for the G36 that'll bring you up to 7+1 which is what a lot of guys carry in thier 1911's and feel perfectly comfortable with. Just an inexpensive way to maybe get you feeling better about the G36.
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