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It is a subcompact though right? I've fired the 23 before and i really like the grip on it. The 19 and 23 are the same gun outside of caliber right? I was assuming they were the same because their dimensions were very similar (if not identical) on Glock's website.
Full size 17
Compact 19
Subcompact 26

Full size 22
Compact 23
Subcompact 27

My best suggestion I can offer, "Purchase the gun YOU like." Nobody here can tell what your style is. They can only offer their experience.

I'm not bustin on any of that but like when we train women to shoot for the first time, this just seems to work best! You buy what you feel you will be comfortable with and guess what? YEA you'll shoot it!:D

I want you out ther having a safe, trouble free, and happy experience everyday, all day long. Otherwise the gun ends up in a drawer (much like a bad fitting holster) never being used.

I would suggest you get as much ammo as you can afford and pace yourself at the range, say maybe 200 rounds per session. Shoot the dickens out of it, you can't hurt it as long as you read and follow the Owners Manual.

Enjoy! Wally world sells 9mm (100rds ea.) resonably enough. Thake two boxes and call me in the morning, hehe:p
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