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    Is it worth it to get an extended slide release and extended mag release?
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    Good question. I know the extended slide release is very helpful (a friend with a G36 has it and I like it) but I've never looked at the extended mag release.

    I've heard there are those that extend slightly and the ones that stick all the way out there and actuall pose a risk of unintended mag release.

    Any ideas, gents? Suggestions, experiences, complaints?

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    I can live without the extended mag release. The G26 I recently acquired came with the extended slide stop, after using it I quickly ordered one for my G19C. It arrived today and I installed in less than two minutes. Love it. :)
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    Extended slide stop lever - yes.
    Extended mag release - maybe.

    First thing I did was replace the slide stop lever. As for the mag release, I've no problem with the stock one. I've read/heard horror stories of people accidentally dropping their mags in various situations.
  5. Yes & Yes. I literally just installed my first extended mag release last night and hit the range today. MASSIVE difference. If you have to release or alter your grip at all to drop a mag you need one.

    $5.49 shipped from my buddy.

    [email protected]
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    That's what I've always been afraid of! I've hear stories of hoslters depressing the mag release, or of placing the weapon down on it's left side, and depressing the mag release.....I know (from internet search) that there are a lot of extended mag releases out there, some supposedly better than others.

    Perhaps someone her has personal experience with 'em? Recommendations?
  7. Unless you have a terrible holster, I don't see it happening. The extension is very subtle, and also it is my perception that it actually takes a little more pressure to depress the extended release.
  8. Happysniper1

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    Interesting. Never heard that before.

    Does your buddy also have extended slide stop levers?
  9. Sure does. Another member actually ordered one among other things and sent me a PM about how awesome Casey is.


    As a Certified Glock Armorer, when I see a 26 or 27, and someone wants an extended magazine release, I have them hold the gun and let me see where their grip falls in relation the extended release. Depending on the size of your hands and your grip, the very sharp edge of the release can "bite" your finger on the recoil. So, an extended mag release is not a one size fits all - depends on your hand size and grip.
  11. if it bites you then you need to evaluate how you are gripping the gun. In the case of a 26 or 27 maybe adding a grip extension and holding the gun properly.
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    Or you could use very fine sand paper and slightly sand the sharp edge to be more subtle.
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    @YOURGLOCKMAN: likely candidate for extended mag release?

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  15. Ill stick with polymer/plastic
  16. I have an extended slide lock and mag release. I've never had a mag accidentally drop on my. You actually need to press it. I used to have to cant the gun a little to press the factory release and now with the extended release I don't. The slide lock is just nice.
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    Does he have gen 4s yet :)
  18. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY BENEFICIAL! Slide release makes it incredibly easy to take apart your gun, especially if you have some fatter figners like me :) but also I like the mag release and the slide lock too jsut because it makes everything a bit easier to use ya know? check out this part kit, only thing it doesnt have is the mag release, and its chromed too :)
  19. Please dont EVER spend that much on a mag release!!

    look at
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    @bryanbrescia....never, heh-heh-heh.

    Just used them as examples.