Getting a Gun in DC!

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    OK here is an Award winning investigative set of stories done for the Washington Times. It is a series of articles as an Editor of the WT attempts to navigate the maze of regs and red tape in order to get a Pistol for her home! I will post the first article and from there as you finish each page it has a link to go to the next one. As you read this you will see why I worry about the National resiprosity act or any other Federal Legislation because I am afraid they will make my state more like this than what my State is now (The best Open and Concealed Carry State in the Nation!)
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    It is a great series! I've read a few of them. Makes us New Yorkers actually feel lucky.

  3. What state are you in? MO is pretty great ;)

    Do you fear the passing of the national reciprocity act will make your state more like this? If so, why? I have been in large support of it because it would force retard states like NY and more importantly NJ to honor my CPL.
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    Is this about the lady in DC tryna get her sig? Ive read it before. Very interesting...
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    She is great. Nice to see a nationally recognized news source looking at gun ownership from the law abiding gun owners vantage point and a series no less.
    This is why I want national reciprocity.
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    This is the craziest thing I've ever heard of to buy a gun. I bet she could have went to some corner in dc and bought a gun off someone in like ten minutes. I'm glad in my state all I have to do is show up to the store, pick it out, show ID, pay for it, pass a background check and I'm out the door.