Generation 4 Glock problems

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by ChrisH67, Jul 21, 2012.

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    I have owned a Gen 3 Glock 23 and love it, but I am hearing and reading issues about the recoil spring, and much heavier trigger pull. I even watched a video on YouTube where a guy files down the bump on the trigger bar to lighten the trigger pull and makes the slide mount smoothly back on the frame after breaking the gun down. I was wanting to get some feedback on the Gen 4 Glocks, mainly model 23. Does anybody know if Glock has addressed these issues? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Early on I heard about the recoil spring issues with the G26 and G19 but never with any other caliber and IIRC they've got it all worked out. I had a Gen 4, G26 and it worked flawlessly, it was an early 2010 issued gun. I'd say go for it if you want one. If anything is wrong Glock will make it right.

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    Gen 4 Glocks come with "." connectors. It will pull much like a Gen 3 with standard 5.5 connector.

    Stop watching hack jobs on YouTube.
  4. I can only speak for my Gen 4's, both test fired in May 2012 and both have been flawless through 500-600 rounds each.
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    Thanks for the info guys, I do need to quit watching those hack job vids on YouTube! :eek:
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    I added a 26 & 34 to my collection this year. Both are Gen 4's. Have put close to a thousand rounds through both and I have not had a single problem. Well maybe one, finding more time to shoot!
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    Hey I seem to have the same problem..finding more time to shoot..and a cooler place too!! These hot temps are enough to keep anyone inside!
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    hi Chris!

    the video you are watching is fairly outdated. The spring issue and extractor issue was resolved by Glock a while ago. When you purchase (or if you have already), checked the numbers on the spring and the extractor. Only certain numbers had the issues. From what I remember, this was limited to early production numbers (you know- the first car off the production line thing).

    I have a Gen 4 G23 and have not had issues. It's my Every Day Carry and I wouldn't carry it if I believed if I would have issues with it.

  9. I beg to differ about the gen4's. I have 3, not a one of them came with the "." connector even the ones post date 11/11. I have since acquired them.

    That particular You Tube user{brandon401401} is one of the top dogs/shooters on YT. Watch more of his vids.

    That vid is way old, early on way before glock even started addressing the problem. Can't blame people for trying to fix their own stuff when{at the time} Glock wasn't.

    I saw that vid when it first came out, because of it I tried something a little different. I used a gen3 27 trigger bar in my first gen4 19 and it did exactly what Brandon accomplished by filing down the bump on the trigger bar. By doing that, combined with a Ghost connector and Wolf spring I was able to get a true, measured 4lb pull.

    Not everyone on YT is a hack job.

    To the OP, the issues that Glock had with the 17's, 19's and 23's have been fixed for a long time on the gen4's. Just buy one test fired after 11/11 to guarantee all updated parts unless you don't mind possibly exchanging some parts from an earlier production date. But then again not all of them had issues.
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    I bought my first Gen4 (a model 27) a couple months ago, it came with the updated spring.

    Two weeks ago I got my first chance to put a few hundred rounds through it...

    See the pictures, and comment accordingly...

    Has anyone else had this problem with chips of the barrel coming off with such little use?

    I have an old Gen2 model 23 that has had many thousand rounds through it and no damage like this was ever happened...

    I had the 23 with me, put around the same number of rounds through it with the same ammo, still no damage...

    This worries me...

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    Never had a single issue other than 2 FTF's with cheap ass Tulammo. Other than that, flawless!!! Love my Glock, does anyone have any updates on California and Gen 4's I have to move to San Diego for work and I'll be pissed if I can't "legally" take my Glock. I know I'll have to down grade and get 10 round mags, liberal bastards.
  12. To the best of my understanding your Gen4 is not legal in Commifornia. Doesn't matter that you bought it in another state while living in another state.
  13. All I see are the notches in the rifling. If it didn't fail I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. dnjscott

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    Grrr, I checked the California DOJ website and they specifically state that "No Generation 4 Glocks are legal for sale in California at this time"

    I was hoping the website was out of date. :mad:

    Commifornia - That's great !! I wish I didn't have to leave Oregon, the gun laws here are great, unfortunately the jobs aren't.

    I can't stand the thought of selling it, and I hate to think about trading down to a Gen 3, unless I could get a fair trade.....
  15. You should REALLY double check the whole out of state resident relocating to the left side of hell that already owns one to be sure.
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    I emailed the DOJ and asked if I could bring one into the state if I already owned one, but of course no answer. They're probably running a background check on me and will be waiting for me when I cross the border. :D
  17. Hypothetically, when you move to California, if you just packed it up and put it in your home in a gun safe and never took it out until you leave california, how would they ever know. I don't think I would ever get rid of my Glock but I would keep it locked in a gun safe until I moved out of California. Just a thought.
  18. dnjscott

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    Oh absolutely! It just sucks that I have to hide my Glock.
  19. I know. Thats ridiculous. I have only been a Glock owner for a couple of months but I would be so pissed if I couldn't shoot it legally. I love my Glock 17 Gen4 so I know this is hard on you. Good luck, I hope it all works out ok for you.
  20. Danzig

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    Contact Glock. It shouldn't do that.