Gen4 19 owners: this what you get if you send your gun back for issues{pic}

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  1. Yes I'm new here but thought I would post something informative.

    When I purchased my first Gen4 19 back in August I already knew what some were saying about issues with the Gen4's but in my mind I was like "it's a glock". I've owned and shot Glocks for years leading up to that purchase. After giving the gun a thorough review of 2600 rounds I decided that yes there were some issues. I did not experience the issues that some reported but I was having erratic ejections with quite a few to the face.

    When I purchased it by that time Glock had already issued a couple of different springs. Mine came with the 041. I had heard rumors of a new ejector so in December I went back to the store to look. Sure enough there was. At that time I bought my second one and decided to go ahead and send the first one back.

    Below is a collage of pics of the same Gen4 before and after. The top pics are the 336 ejector that has been used in the 19's for YEARS, the bottom pics are the newly designed ejector. Also it came back with the 043 spring that had already been issued in the exchange program for a while.

    Bottom line, the only two real changes internally for the Gen4's were the newly designed RSA's and the addition of the "bump" on the trigger bar, sooooo IMO the new ejector was developed to make up for any misguided designs of the other two parts.

    My opinion of the Gen4's is they are still just as awesome as any other, there was just a short coming with those parts that was overlooked. I absolutely LOVE the short frame and plan on buying a 3rd Gen4 in 17.

    On a side note after seeing a vid on you tube where a guy filed down the bump on the trigger bar I installed the trigger bar out of my Gen3 27 and it ran just fine and as stated in the vid I saw it did in fact reduce the trigger pull by 1 pound just by swapping that bar.{i measured}.

    Hopefully this was informative to some of you. Sorry for the long post but I didn't want to cut any info short.

    Mike P
  2. Jweeks

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    How long did it take to get your Glock back?

  3. GunnerGSP

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    Zombie thread...:D

    The original post was created in Jan 2012.

    Mike P is not around anymore.
  4. Jweeks

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    Lol my bad. I just sent some mags in to Glock for repair and was curious as to how long they usually took.
  5. GunnerGSP

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    Just curious...what is wrong with your mags?
  6. Jweeks

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    They all rattled like a baby toy. And then the springs inside kept trying to double over on themselves. Never had that issue with any Glock mag until those. Also they rattled both loaded and unloaded. I called Glock about it and they said to send them in, it wasn't right. So idk really, but the springs also seemed weak.
  7. Jweeks

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    Just reporting back. I got my mags back today. FedEx tried yesterday but I apparently wasn't home so it took exactly 2 weeks turn around time. They replaced my mags for new ones and all are good now. Mailed them in feb 27 and supposed to have been back match 13th but hot them on the 14th. Rather happy with it.