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  1. I added this to the stable yesterday as posted in the photo section.......


    So today I went to my private outdoor, all steel target range to see what she would do. I took 500 rounds of Winchester White Box 115gr and ran all of them. My buddy was also breaking in a brand new Springfield 1911.


    This morning I woke and for what ever reason decided I want to try new sights. I had TruGlo TFO's installed when I got the 17 yesterday but for some reason they just weren't sitting good with me last night when I was dry firing it. As I posted before I already had to replace one TruGlo front sight because the tube came loose on the 19. When I had them installed on the 17 the rear was extremely loose in the rear dove the point if you had the set screw all the way loose, if you laid the gun on it's side and slid in the TruGlo rear it would drop all the way through the slide and out the other side. Then on top of that once the set screw was tightened down it would lift the entire sight off the slide with a gap between it and the slide and a gap between it and the bottom of the dove tail letting you see the last 2 or so threads on the set screw. I just didn't like that and didn't want to depend on just the set screw to hold it tight.

    So I went back to GT Distributors this morning not really knowing what I was going to get or exactly what all they had in stock. Once I got to the parking lot I was like...."screw it, I'll just get the tried and true three dot trijicons". Once I got up to the counter and was talking to dude he asked me if I've ever tried Ameriglo I-Dot's which are powered by Trijicon tritium tubes and like wise marked Trijicon on the sights. The guys at my local GT Distributors ARE shooters so after hearing his opinion and a couple others I decided to go ahead and try them.

    HOLY COW!!! These things are insanely sick. They are along the lines of Straight Eights meaning you line vertically two dots. The rear has a small tritium tube dot and the front has a HUGE orange halo around the tritium tube. Quick target acquisition is some of the best I've ever had. I'm completely hooked on these sights now.

    Here are some pics but I will have to wait until tomorrow in the day light to get some good sight picture pics......



    The Gen4 17 shoots awesome. I dropped in the Glockworx V4 connector after going through a couple of magazines with the stock one. The Glockworx is staying in. Out of all the connectors I've tried it's simply the best one. I don't know where I've been not ever owning a 17 but I've been missing out. I should have bought one a very long time ago. Even though it's not much bigger than the 19's, that little bit makes one heck of a difference in shoot-ability.

    Not owning a Gen4 17 I'm not all up on the up's and down's of them and which RSA numbers have been put out from Glock since they came out. What I do know is it has the 336 ejector in it with a test fire date of May 2011. That concerned me a little when I got it after what I went through with the Gen4 19 and knowing that the 30274 ejector didn't come out until November 2011. Well........the same exact crap as the 19 before I sent it back. Very erratic ejections. Some hitting my head, some going to the LEFT{***} and in general not consistent at all. On top of that I did have two failures in the 500 rounds I shot.One appeared to be a Failure to Feed and the other was a straight up Stove Pipe. If it weren't for the erratic ejections I would almost blame the ammo or even myself for loosening grip or something but it's pretty dang obvious to me now that the combination of the duel capture springs and the "bump" on the trigger bar are just a bad combination of parts seeing how the 336 9mm ejector has been used since the beginning of the Glock 9mm. Sooooo where to from here? I'm not sending the gun back to Glock again like I did the 19. When the 19 episode happened they did tell me that they would send a new trigger housing with the 30274 ejector to a Glock armorer but not directly to me.{*** ever}. So I will be contacting Glock on Monday along with GT Distributors since most of the employees are certified armorers and have the trigger housing and what ever new spring number they have for the 17 sent to GT.

    I'm not really worried about it at all seeing how kick butt the 19 is now with the 30274 ejector and latest spring. It's just a stupid hassle to go through. My opinion of Glock has not changed. I still love them more than any. They simply F'd up on re-engineering something that wasn't broke. At least they have moved forward and found the right combination of parts to resolve the issues with Gen4 9mm's.

    I can not wait to get the 17 back out. As a matter of fact I may go back tomorrow and run another 500 through it. The combination of the 17 and the new sights are EXACTLY what I've been looking for.

    Here's another parting shot pic similar to the one above w/o the sun hitting it. Wish I would have had my good camera with me for these pics instead of my phone but they turned out well.

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    Awesome range report and pics Mike...Congrats !!

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    Nice report there, Mike!

    Sounds like someone had some fun, despite the FTFs.

    anxious to hear more about the sights, and as you said, daytime pics.

    Cheers! :D
  4. It was kind of long winded huh?:D

    I just didn't want to say...."yo I took my glock and blew through 500 rounds today" and that be the entire post. LMAO

    Once I got started I was on a role.
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    The i-Dot Pros are great sights! Did you get the green or yellow tritium rear?

    Also did you have a "." connector in the 17 before you replaced it?
  6. Green rear and what is a "." connector?
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    The Gen 4's are coming with these connectors. I wasn't sure how old your 17 was. Older ones did not have them. Anyway it's really crisp.

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  8. Nope, just looked. Mine was test fired at Smyrna in May 2011. Even though I just got it's been sitting around at GT Distributors for a while.
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    See if you can get your hands on one through one of your connections. You can also get them from glockparts but will need to provide the first three letters of your SN# (Glock Inc requirement). It's $13 & change if I remember correctly. I tried the Glockworx v4 and ended up putting the "." back in.

    Edit: they will also be getting the new Gen 4 trigger housings with the new ejector (due in APR) if you can't get one before then ($9 I think).
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  10. Gotta love Glock customer service. Got reply email first thing this morning. Already called GT Distributors to have them request the new parts from Glock. Should have parts before the end of the week. Free of charge. Awesome.
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    Nice report Mike P. So the Ameriglo I-Dot's are similar to the XS Big Dot? Just a back dot not a back line, to "dot the i" just stack the dots.
  12. Yes but the tritium dot on the back is small and I noticed late in the day with certain lighting conditions that the rear was a little hard to see. No problem, the shape of the rear perfectly fits the orange halo on the front, from there just center the gaps and spot on.

    Truly my favorite sights so far.