Gen 5 Glocks, Anyone know if Connectors and springs will be avaiabe for trigger jobs on these?

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    I heard that they put in a trigger that is like the G43, which all that you can do is basically a new connector, which helps but not enough if you want to use the gun for competitions. Anyone have a new gen 5 or have heard back from Ghost, Glock store or anyone on what can and can't be done on these vs. the older generations? I like the sightly flared magwell, not having the finger grooves and having the texture on the grips, but if I can't improve the trigger pulls like we can on other generations then it's a no go for me.

    Any input would be appreciated. I know it's still pretty early in the process to know many of these things, but I'm just curious if anyone has heard or tried anything to theirs or heard of others doing things.

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    Gen 4 connectors WILL work in the G5, nothing changed there. It does have a new trigger housing, but G4 will fit it and work. The trigger housing has a slot for the crucifix to ride in now, likely to aid in stabilizing the trigger bar is my guess. Yes, G5 has the G43 type trigger system now. The G5 trigger pivot area is narrower now due to the ambi slide release taking up some space, so you`ll have to wait for aftermarket to kick in with a new narrower trigger shoe`s. I`m already modifying the blockers for the gen5. Will be much much smoother. When you go to remove the trigger pin, it is a bear to get out.
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    Decent writeup, best i`ve seen yet... thank you for the copy/paste