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Gen 4 recoil spring

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Went to the range and put about 200 rds. through my G17 Gen 4. I've put about 800 rds. through it since I've owned it. Never once have I had an issue with any FTF's or FTE's. I came home and started to tear it down for a bath when my guide rod decided it didn't want to separate from my slide. After a little wiggling and convincing that it was coming out, I couldn't really see what was binding the two together. Any ideas or info would be appreciated. Thnx!
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Welcome to the Glock Forum CCWinstrucktor !!

Couldn't begin to guess what was holding the Guide Rod in place, except maybe some crud from shooting it.

It's out now, so just make sure it's cleaned and function test it next time out...
Thanks for the info. I've never had an issue with any Glock I've owned. Especially with tear down. It was almost as if the spring had been wedged into the slide where the guide rod extends when the gun cycles. It's fine now but I will keep an eye on it for sure. Thanks again!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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