Gen 4 Recoil Spring Issue

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    Hey everyone,

    I don't know if I'm having an issue or not. I recently purchased a Gen 4 G23 as my first duty weapon. I love it but am concerned about some movement thats going on with the recoil spring after I reassemble the pistol and rack the slide. When I assemble the weapon, I make sure that the recoil spring is seated all the way down into the half moon groove. If I rack the slide or fire the weapon and take it down again, I see that the base of the spring has moved upwards, barely, and I mean barely, hanging onto the edge of the half moon groove. Is this normal? I've put about 800 rounds through the weapon without any problems but I just want to know if anyone else has noticed this or had any problems with it.

    I've heard people say its a non issue and that the half moon groove is just for assembly purposes but it concerns me that it is just barely hanging onto the top edge of the half moon groove. It just doesn't look right to me. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. All of mine do this. one is 50,000 rounds and counting.

  3. yep, non issue. every single one i own and have owned do this.
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    I never noticed it with the gen 2 g22 I trained with at the police academy. Is it just a gen 4 thing or was I just not paying attention?
  5. I never owned a gen two, cant count how many gen 3's i've had and i have two gen4's also.......all of them have done it. don't worry about it.
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    I thought the same when I first purchased my Gen4 Glock 26.

    Here's a youtube video discussing what you are talking about:

    I've ran +1500 rounds through my Gen4 Glock 26 with no failures of any kind.
    Btw...the guy in the video isn't me...
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    Thanks everybody. Glad to hear its not just mine. Weird though. I'm sure a lot of people are wondering if theirs is defective. Interesting...

    Whatever though. Haven't had any problems yet
  8. put it this way, is so normal that if i ever remove a slide to just look at the frame....w/o thought i automatically wrap my fingers around the slide to push it back down w/o even looking. it's simply habit now.
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    Does it on both my G19C and G36 Gen 3's. The G36 has a stainless guide rod and it does it with that in there, too.
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    Even other brands of stiker fired pistols with this type of recoil spring do it.
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    Hate to beat a dead horse here but I have a G26 and a G19 both gen 4 and they both do it as well. Non issue for me.
  12. I never noticed that until I read this thread, but I just checked my gen 3 G26 and it was like that too. However, it's had LOTS of rounds through it with no problems.
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    What about when your Gen4 model 22 is chambered and has a bad rattle to it? Is this normal? Mine does it
  14. completely normal
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    Glock announcing a free exchange

    This may be old news but just incase. I think the exchange program began in Sept of 2011.

    Glock Gen4 Recoil Spring Assembly “Exchange Program”

    6-Sep-11 – 15:26 by ToddG If you’ve been following the tale of gen4 Glocks, you know that in just over a year the company has tried a variety of different recoil spring assembly (RSA) variants trying to alleviate various problems users have experienced. Adding to the trouble has been the need for different RSAs for guns with and without a properly counterbored spring box (aka, “nose ring”).
    Finally, they’ve got it all figured out and Glock is announcing a free “exchange program” for any gen4 Glock owner. There is now just one RSA per model, regardless of whether the slide was counterbored for the RSA or not. As someone who owns two non-counterbored Glocks, I can tell you that is good news because finding the non-counterbored-only spring (0-2-1) is almost impossible.
    All you need to do is contact Glock at 1-877-745-8523 with your serial number and model number. They will send you a replacement spring and a pre-addressed envelope to return the old one. For details, you can visit
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    That's a lot of rounds! In which one?
    Glock is Goog
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    Spell check didn't have my back
  18. My 3rd Gen G19, bought new in '07
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