Gen 4 G23 and G19 range update....

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by bunk22, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. ...another trip to the range. One, not a fan of the .40 in the 23 frame. To be honest I bought the 23 so I could shoot both the .357 and 9mm, to mix it up a bit. Anyway, I already have 200 rounds through it without issue so today, another 257 rounds of:

    7 rounds of Federal PDX1 165gr JHP
    50 rounds of Federal 180gr
    100 rounds of WWB 165gr
    100 rounds of Remington 165gr JHP

    and of course zero issues, no brass to the face, no erratic ejection. So through about 450 rounds now, perfect.

    As for my Gen 4 G19, I'm still shooting with the defective RSA that was sent with it (according to Glock) but it still works perfect. No erratic ejection or brass to the face. Crazy that my Gen 3 G19 had the brass to face, erratic ejection, weak ejection but MY Gen 4's have been great, strong ejection, no brass to the face (well, 2 so far with my the G19 out of 4-500 rounds).

    100 rounds of WWB 115gr

    The bent RSA, Glock is sending a new one but I ordered a SS RSA as well. I like the look.

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    I'm not a big fan of .40 either, one of these days I'm gonna get a Glock 31 (.357 SIG) and get a 9mm and .40 barrel for it. I want the Glock 31 just cause it says ".357" on the slide instead of ".40" lol.

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    This is purely out of curiosity and for my own edification and DEFINITELY NOT calling you out in any way shape or form: what is it about the .40 in the compact frame that's no good for you? I have people ask me all the time about calibers, sizes, etc. It's always interesting to hear feedback from folks who have a different experience.

    I definitely agree with you about the versatility of the G23 frame, and I tend to shoot more 9mm than anything b/e of price.

  4. It's just snappy in that lightweight frame, relative to the 9mm in that frame at least. I've fire 40 out of heavier guns, like the full sized XDM and it seemed a bit more manageable. But again, that's just me, I like shooting 9mm so maybe I'm just used to it by now.
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    I didn't used to like the 40 but now I love it. It took the Glock 23 for me to fall in love with the 40 S&W. It is a little bit snappier than my G19 but I still have no problem shooting it fast. I also have a G32 357 barrel for the G23 and I love to shoot it also.
  6. Seems more badass saying .357 :D I wanted a 32 but the local shop had a brand new Blue Label G23 in, I hate to wait!