Gen 3 Mag release problems

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  1. Just bought a g23 gen 3 and the mag release has a very hard release. Has anyone have a problem solver for this?
  2. Is it dirty in the spring well? Is it firm all the time or just with a magazine in? How old is the gun?

  3. It's not very dirty it's actually very clean. And it's hard to push when the mag is in and the gun to me is brand new from my dealer.
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    Mine was the same way. Just use it for awhile it will break in. If it is still an issue you could always order an extended mag release.
  5. yep if it is brand new that will do it. If you decide you want an extended release my friend Casey sells them for just a few bucks.

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    Ask for Casey, give him my name and tell him what ya need.