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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by havasu, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. havasu

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    I know the hot topic these days is the climbing prices of gas. How much are you paying currently? If you were the Commander-in-Chief, what would do to help the American people?

    Right now in the LA area, we are paying ~ $4.30 per gallon :eek:. I believe it is time to open up our reserves of fuel, allowing a glut, which should reduce prices considerably. I also believe we need to at least temporary eliminate the unnecessary state and sales tax when purchasing fuel.

    Your ideas?
  2. bhale187

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    yesterday it was $3.29, this afternoon it was $3.95

  3. MikeDeltaRomeo

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    Its time to make Feds make the corporate *******s start investing billions in alternative fuels. Example Brazil. nuff said. If Brazil can do it we can to. Every single car or vehicle that runs on Gas can run on ethanol. Every vehicle that runs on dieasel can run on old cooking oil. Both are renewelable resources.
  4. EvilD

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    Barry wants high prices so people buy into his "green energy" bs. I'm sure he has millions invested in green companies. $3.89 here.
  5. Motorcharge

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    I wouldn't mind if my truck didn't get such awful gas mileage or I could afford to get something else. I only get like 7 or 8 mpg and I don't make much. Worst part about it is I can't really find a second job other than delivery crap but it would negate itself in gas costs.
  6. I paid $3.65 for 91 octane yesterday. Looking at gas buddy it looks like it went up 10 cents since yesterday.
  7. iGlock

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  8. Couple days ago it was $3.49, now in Chicago is around $3.89.... ***???
  9. ncarnage

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    Try 4.09 now as of 1230am. Saw it on my way home from work.
  10. oh man... thats rough.... you in the city or the burbs?
  11. american lockpicker

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    If I was CinC first I would set the prices so they can't go any higher then I would subsidise it so it costs $1 a gallon limit 10 gallons a week at that price any more and its full price. :)
  12. Hamster

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    I read somewhere a few years ago that we have enough inactive oil wells in Texas alone (not including all the other states with inactive wells), to provide the U.S. with oil for the next 70 years.
    With that in mind, I think the mere threat of cutting off imported oil and going domestic, would be enough to make the foreign oil companies drop their prices. Even if we had to actually follow through with the threat for a short while, I believe it would put a big enough dent in their income to decide to be a little more reasonable with their prices.
  13. Happysniper1

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    I get what amounts to free gas, so I can't complain, but...

    I wish there was a way to zoom forward in time, say 50 years or so?, to when all the arab oil reserves have run out, and we are exporting to the rest of the world. What a day that would be!
  14. Glockmaster

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    AMEN!!! To that Happysniper1.
  15. SHOOTER13

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    The United States sits on some of the biggest oil and natural gas reserves

    in the world...but most goes untapped due to current EPA regulations and

    presidential policies. But, at the same IS a strategic reserve, and

    when the rest of the world goes dry, that's when the taps will ( have to ) be opened

    and the tables turned... The current cost of gas nowdays is due to over taxation, as

    well as speculators in a free market economy causing the prices to rise when ever any

    basically third world country ( without their oil, that would be Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc )

    (this week Iran ) threatens the supply routes or OPEC members shift in their allegencies

    from one week to the next.

    BTW...$3.60-$3.65 a gallon in Pennsylvania...up 22 cents in the past two weeks !!
  16. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    Yes, Shooter, you hit on a valid point: speculators.

    The gas we pump into our cars was pumped out of the ground months or years ago! But whenever something destabilizes the region where most of the worlds' crude oil comes from, the price at the pump immediately jumps, whereas when things are copacetic (hah! yeah-right), the price per barrel of crude oil goes down without a significant drop in price at the pump.

    Happens everywhere in the world, and is just another way petroleum companies are able to make fat profits (and afford special-interest-political action groups).
  17. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    People are once again gonna steal gas...

  18. PERFECTLY said!!! It is an incredibly smart plan, even though prices may be high for us now, it hasnt gotten over the point of being flat out unbearable like over in Europe (Where I have heard that it is upwards of $8-9 per LITER) but, yes, one day when the middle east's supply runs out, America will be just fine with all of the oil reserves we have, at that point, we will control the prices of exporting. :)
  19. havasu

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    Unfortunately, only our grand kids will benefit from this new-found wealth.