Gamers That Play FPS Please Come Inside

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  1. Welcome all my fellow gamers. :D

    Ok straight to the point.

    Also Larry Vickers of the show Tac TV is also working with the game designers on this game. Letting them shoot the actual guns that they will be trying to put in the game. I've watched these episodes and they are good. I dont think this has ever been done before. Im glad. I love attention to detail.

  2. Very cool, even though having developers shoot the weapons they are making in their games isn't really anything new, looks like it'll be fun! Heck, guns are being shot, how could it not be fun!

  3. Based off the way Call Of Duty games play I doubt their developers have shot any.
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    Yes they have silly! They have just shot those SPECIAL shotguns that are incredibly accurate at really long distances . Oh and those special sniper rifles with magic bullets that kill you instantly even if they were aiming a foot away from your elbow.