Galil golani sporter any opinions?

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    What are some opinions on this rifle.
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    The design is based on the Soviet AK...and was adopted by the Israeli military in 1972.

    It is chambered for the 5.56x45mm cartridge and is fed by a 35 round magazine...

    Century International Arms has issued a recall notice for certain Galil and/or Golani
    Semi-Auto Sporter rifles that have serial numbers between GAL00001 and GAL02393.
    The owners of such rifles carrying those serial numbers are asked to return their
    firearm to Century Arms to have a modified bolt, new firing pin and firing pin spring
    installed to ensure that the Golani offers the utmost safety and reliability.

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    Thank u for reply I am aware of this information, I what I want us first hand experience with this weapon.
  4. glock17c

    glock17c New Member

    any opinions on use of this weapon.
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    I posted a little in another thread where the Goliani was mentioned. I had QA/QC issues with mine and gave up on it and its replacements. My buddy toughed it out and got one that works and I have a few friends with them as well. In general, like all Century products, if they work, they work well, if not then they never will. The ones that I have shot that work well are fairly soft shooters, decently accurate, and the controls are very intuitive. They have both the AK style safety and a more AR like one. Working either one activiates the other, so no worries with forgetting to flip switch B after turned lever C type deals. They can take a beating, my buddy uses his a truck gun. Tosses it behind the seat and forgets about it for weeks at a time on his farm. True to its AK heritage he can pull it out, wipe off what ever crud is it, give it a shake for good measure and blaze away. Magazines can be hard to find, and the guns tend to run better on the original ones and not aftermarket, so be prepared to sale your soul if you want a big load out. Aftermarket support is slim to non-exsistant, so pretty much you better like the way it comes or your not going to have fun with it. Optic mounting options are a little limited as well, and typical of the AK pattern, i.e. modified forgrip mount or a receiver side mount system, neither of which is really good for precision work, but will let you slap on a dot of some source. There are also a few folks that do custom work if you want to step it up a notch.

    Only thing my buddy complains about is the stock on his is a little wobbly when locked in place and took some tinkering to fix, other than that he liked it enough to buy a second one at the gunshow a few months back.

    From an use of perspective, it's like any other AK pattern weapon. Easy to handle, not to complex, and very fun to shoot. It points well and handles good from my experience out to about 300 yards. I've been to atleast one carbine class and heard of a few others where someone was running one. They do get heavy after awhile, which is the biggest complaint from folks who use the original for social work.

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  6. I've got a Century Golani, runs fine on anything but Wolf ammo. My stock is rock solid.