Ga man sues officers and private security guard.

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    "When the officers asked to see Proescher's driver's license, he answered, "I'm not driving." Asked for his date of birth, once Proescher answered, "What does it say on the permit?" and another time he responded, "It could be Dec. 5 or May 12."

    According to the report, his gun carry permit listed his birth date as Dec. 15, 1958. But Proescher said in an interview Wednesday his birthday is two weeks off."

    I think he screwed himself...

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    He was on public property and the security guard who told him he couldn't carry in the park was wrong.

    Not that the guy's response to any of this was right, but had the security guard known what he was talking about, none of this would've happened.

    This is one of those cases that just reiterates that if confronted regarding your firearm, if you are in the right, it's best to keep the interaction as friendly and polite as possible, whether it's a security guard or other employee, or law enforcement. Being a jerk will get you nowhere. Except maybe jail.
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    I've seen several YouTube episodes of guys just looking to get in a confrontation regarding OC. It is this kind of stunt that causes liberals to hemorrhage about "gun nuts".

    If you open carry or concealed carry you are held to a higher standard regarding confrontation. It's all about education. Get the guards name, and security company and write a letter of complaint after you leave the situation.

    What did he accomplish with this? Nothing!
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    Trespassing yes, signage no. Not in ga. I'm right across the bridge in Augusta btw jeeper. Signs don't hold legal ground here in ga like they do over the river there.
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    The Security Guard should obey the rules and regulations provided by the Establishment Owner. If he doesn't obey it seems to be the mistake of the security guard. The police officers are under government but the security guards are appointed by the house owners and by the private organizations which all includes in private sector.
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    There isn't even close to enough details for some of the opinions I'm seeing.
    1. If that was a public park then what was the guard guarding? Where I'm from public parks are the domain of the police.
    2. Why did the police even get involved? What was reported to them is the real question. Even if he didn't do anything wrong it doesn't matter if the complaint was of something illegal.

    People fail to understand that just because they think they didn't do anything wrong (and may in fact have not broken any law) if we get a report of a man with a gun acting confrontational, arguing with a security guard, or harassing people (examples) we have a duty to investigate. In many states that investigation includes asking you your name and dob. If you refuse or lie it is (in my state) resist, delay, or obstruct.