G43 Vs M&P Shield 9mm

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  1. bushwacked

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    Sooooo I have been doing a lot of research and watching videos comparing the 2 ...

    It seems mainly there are about 2-3 common consensus points I have seen ...

    1) M&P wins because it holds 1 more bullet in both setups (7-8) and with mag updates could hold 9 + 1

    2) M&P Wins with price point and some basic upgrades to make it better still keep it under the Glock Price

    3) Glock wins because Glock

    Now, I am going off personal opinion and would give the quality/reliability to the glock. However, I am not sure just how big of a margin that would be.

    To me .. if you take out the bias of #3, the Shield seems to win in 2 major categories, possibly ties or narrowly loses in a 3rd.

    1 & 2 - Capacity and Price - Shield
    3 - Reliability - Glock .. possibly narrowly behind is the shield

    Now I love all my glocks, especially my G17, but I am not dumb enough to think glock is the best gun in the world for every model and niche.

    So would I be crazy to choose a shield over the G43 to carry?

  2. Ravens87

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    I have both the 43 and shield 9mm. I like them both equally. The shield for me has a better grip because of the magazine length. But you can do the same to the 43 with aftermarket. I say you cant go wrong with either one. Pick which you like the looks of and go with it. I bought the 43 to round out the 9mm glock collection. And because I just wanted to buy it.
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  3. iRockGlock

    iRockGlock Well-Known Member

    I preferred my G43, and ended up selling the Shield. Both are really great pistols
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  4. 40caljim

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    I have two shields one 9 and one in 40. I never go anywhere without one of them. I tried to like the 43 but when compared side by side the 43 felt like a toy. The extra weight of the shield helps with recoil also. Funny you should ask cause I am actually on my way to my LGS to pick up my new ported 40 cal shield as we speak. I guess that tells you which one I like. I'm sorry but Glock drug their feet into the single stack market for years and S&W and Ruger took advantage of that. I love my Glocks but my S&W shield is my daily carry.
  5. KLiK

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    Cant go wrong with either, it's a matter of personal preference. Find a range where you can shoot both. I like both, I chose 43 to keep the trigger consistent with my other Glocks and the fact that I couldn't afford both.
  6. bushwacked

    bushwacked Member

    yes, I am leaning to the G43 for that exact reason ... same type of trigger pull as my G17.

    I do like to tinker with my guns a little and after dropping $450ish on the Glock it doesnt leave much room for tinkering.
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  7. Easy_CZ

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    G43 Vs M&P Shield 9mm

    My wife loves her 9mm Shield. I find it to be a very capable gun as single stacks go. It has good ergonomics, decent sights, and a nice trigger. And it's available in FDE now.

    ImageUploadedByGlock Forum1488831285.715057.jpg

    The Glock 43 is a very good single stack as well. It's a tad smaller than the Shield and enjoys superior secondary market support.

    When it comes down to it, I'd buy the Glock over the Smithy for one simple reason - it doesn't have that idiotic gun control-inspired lawyer stamp on the side of the slide.

    ImageUploadedByGlock Forum1488831254.038465.jpg
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  8. PattonWasRight

    PattonWasRight Well-Known Member

    The Glock to me was more carry-able ... noticeably less size and weight. For the home or range, I'd prefer the Shield. For day-in-day-out carry, I prefer the 43.
  9. havasu

    havasu Well-Known Member Supporter

    I an using my Shield as my EDC, and love it compared to my Glock 27. I did love the Glock 23 as an EDC, but just a bit too bulky in my IWB holster. I've never shot the Glock 43, so I can't comment on it.
  10. TacticalSatan

    TacticalSatan Matt Supporter

    I have both and find myself carrying the shield more.
  11. nickndfl

    nickndfl Well-Known Member

    My favorite single stack is a Ruger SP101.

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  12. Easy_CZ

    Easy_CZ Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    G43 Vs M&P Shield 9mm

    Well played, sir. Well played, indeed.

    ImageUploadedByGlock Forum1488837923.436550.jpg

    P.S. Loving the NCIS crime scene gloves.
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  13. youngridge

    youngridge Active Member

    I prefer the Glock 43 over the shield...fits my hand better and I like the trigger a lot more on the Glock. I do not get too bent out of shape on the magazine capacity part of it. I bought a Taran Tactical +2 but for the price on them you can get yourself another magazine. It does fit good in my hand though.

    I will say I am slightly biased towards the Glock just because, like you stated, its a Glock, and Glock is perfection.... :D
  14. KLiK

    KLiK Rock n Roll Outlaw!

    If you're speaking of internals then I'd suggest you check out the Smith more closely and have a full understanding of how it works before tampering with anything. Guess the same could be said for Glocks but to me the M&P's have more moving parts and seem to be a little more complex than Glocks. Also there is more preload on the striker with the M&P's, if you're firing pin block isn't functional from a "trigger job" then you have a high risk of an accidental discharge. No expert on M&P's so maybe someone else who is more versed with the platform can explain the do's and don'ts better than I. Just wanted to inform. ;)
  15. nickndfl

    nickndfl Well-Known Member

    I wore the gloves because I was polishing up the old girl with a bit of metal compound. The gloves help protect from getting little cuts or the polish into existing cuts.
  16. 40caljim

    40caljim Active Member Supporter

    Well just picked up my new ported 40 Shield. The triggers on these new performance Center shields are awesome. If you haven't dry fired one yet you may want to.

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  17. ronnie948

    ronnie948 Active Member

    Both are great protection and you really need to go to a range that will rent the guns and decide which one is better for you.
    I personally like my G-43 and I put the magguts insert in the magazine to give me 7 rounds without extending the magazine
    It just fits my hand much better then the S&W.
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  18. RNDROB

    RNDROB Member

    Isn't that a circle stack?
  19. PattonWasRight

    PattonWasRight Well-Known Member

    Nice, I've handled the Performance Center M&Ps and I agree the triggers are real nice. Nice extras packed into those, congrats
  20. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I carry the shield 9mm no external lever safety model as my edc. Upgrades I put on are Talon grips, ndz performance 7 round mag base plate, and the Apex aluminum trigger. Not the whole kit, just the trigger. Absolutely love it!!

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