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Considered the smallest pistol Glock has ever produced, the G42 pistol is the perfect conceal-carry weapon. It is great for women to carry in their purses, and it is a good weapon that will not snag when pulling out of your pocket. This is a .380 Auto that weighs 13.76 oz. when unloaded and 14.36 oz. when loaded. The trigger pull on this piece is 5.5 pounds. The barrel rifling is right handed and hexagonal, with a twist length of 9.84 inches. The trigger travel is .49 inches. You'll get a six clip (one additional) single-stack magazine with this gun. The muzzle velocity is 886 FPS, with a muzzle energy of 162 FPS, but this all depends on the rounds.


If you want to get a sense of the size with a measuring tape, the gun is 5.94 inches in overall length, with the width being .94 inches. The height of the gun is 4.13 inches, with a slide width of .83 inches. The length between the sights is 4.92 inches and the barrel length is 3.25 inches.


There are some negatives, but they are very minute. This is a piece that comes with all the simplicity and reliability of Glock, only it is a miniature version. Because of the small stature of the gun, some may find the grip and handling harder to get used to, but it still has a versatile enough frame to accommodate different hand types. And one of the most notable problems is the fact that it does not come in 9mm, but since this is a fairly new piece, you could very well see other caliber versions coming in the future.


Currently, this is a gun that is being marketed towards women and senior citizens, and there is always room for a 9mm debut down the road. Currently, Glock is trying to capture a larger share of the market by catering to those who are contemplating of getting a gun for self-defense. Check out the Glock commercial below.


This is a gun that is also for hardcore Glock fans, and veteran gun owners. An additional bonus is the little felt recoil upon firing. You won't get the high probability of missing your target, if you were shooting a snub-nosed revolver piece, and the simplistic design of the G42 is suitable enough for holsters and pockets of all types. This is a gun that is quick and accurate without weightiness, and it is a perfect rapid fire gun. On the higher end of the scale, the gun could go for around $700, but the typical range on this piece would be in the $450 range. This is another great addition to the Glock world, and one that will win over more fans as time goes by.