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    Hello everyone. I am looking into buyinga laser to go on my G36. I am just looking right now, I am not sure if I want to buy one or not. My dad has a crimson trace laser on his Kimber and it is very nice. I looked on crimson trace's website for a laser that would fit the 36 but I can't find one. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good quality laser for the G36? Also I would be interested to know what people think about lasers on guns, whether to spend the money on them, how well they work during the days, personal stories, and if it would be worth it to have a laser on your carry gun? I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's advice, thanks!
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    I have a Crimson trace that goes on any Glock. I think it is called the Railmaster, just mounts to the rail. Works quite nice.Here is what it looks like on a 21

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    I have a Lasermax and CrimsonTrace on my Glocks. Can't see either in bright sunlight.
    I like how the Lasermax doesn't add any bulk to the gun. I dont like the switch, it sometimes activates in certain body positions in Kydex, nylon or leather holsters.
    I like the reliability and activation on the CrimsonTrace but not how it gets in the way sometimes racking the slide.
    Lasermax is more expensive.