G35 Gen 4 Failure To Eject

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by keysersoze35, May 8, 2012.

  1. keysersoze35

    keysersoze35 New Member

    Out of 100 Winchester White Box, 3 FTE. Anyone else with the same problem?
  2. lyodbraun

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    no but I would not be shooting the Winchester white box ammo there have been lots of reports of bad loads and squib rounds with those.. I will not buy it anymore...

  3. Hurricane460

    Hurricane460 Glock Doc..

    Was the pistol out of the box new that day you went shooting? There are several things that could be going on, Underpowered ammo,shooting limp wristed are the ones that are most common.
  4. voyager4520

    voyager4520 New Member

    Try some different ammo. Winchester's quality has been going downhill lately. American Eagle and Speer Lawman work perfectly in my .40 Glocks.
  5. keysersoze35

    keysersoze35 New Member

    Thank you for your comments.
  6. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum keysersoze35 !!

    WWB has been having quality control problems as of late...
  7. I've never had any problems with WWB in my G26G4, but I haven't shot them lately. I use WWB 9mm 147gr JHP'S for carry ammo. I use Tula for plinking.
  8. jmiles50

    jmiles50 New Member

    I've been using the Remington UMC bulk ammo in the yellow box. I haven't had any issues w that stuff yet.
  9. jtk07

    jtk07 New Member

    I've had great luck with the bvac factory reloads at cheaper than dirt for the range. They are a JHP and cost less then brass FMJ's, I've **** 250 rounds with zero failures zero jams for less then $15 a box of 50. The FMJ american eagles here are $19.50 a box.
  10. JWPF13

    JWPF13 New Member

    Just recently purchased a Glock 36 and have had numeous fail to extract problems in less than (500 rounds). I've shot a Md 21 for years along with a recently purchased Md 30SF, neither of which have ad a fail to extract problem. How easy is the fix for the Md 36. When it works properly it is great but I am quickly learning that I may not be able to rely on the Md 36 when i need to. Any ideas?

    JWP F13
  11. jtk07

    jtk07 New Member

    As in common of a problem as this is may I ask what ammo or Ammos are u shooting?
    Have you double checked slide rail for imperfections? Checked springs?

    Just trying to get all known information out here so one of us can answer more detailed.