G34 (Gen4) comp holster for a newbie

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    I'll be as forward as I can - I have ZERO competition, drawing & holstering experience. I'm pretty good with sight alignment, finger discipline and the 4 safeties from a standpoint in range environment and I'll be attending some newbie training nights at my local clubs.

    What I'm wondering is can someone recommend a holster for a stock Gen4 G34 that is legal for both IDPA & USPSA. I've heard good things about Uncle Mike's but their website does not list one for the Gen4 G34. My only thing is I'm not too crazy about Leather & fabric ones. I love the plastic (Kydex?) ones.

    I don't ccw, so this is only for comp...

    Thanks all
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  2. KeenansGarage

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    I shoot USPSA and choose a Bladetech DOH holster. I don't know if that is OK for IDPA though. Someone else will have to chime in.
    Comp-tac is another good one.

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    I see a lot of Comp-tac holseters. Uncle Mike's I would stay away from. KeenansGarage's bladetech is a nother popular one. You can get two seperate attachments for it, one with the drop offset and another that holds it high and tight like the IDPA rules specify. One thing with buying an IDPA holster, the requirements are pretty set on what is allowed, make sure you hit those requirements with whatever you choose.

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    Awesome question...................I have the same issue............need a holster for my 34 for comp. Love this place lots of great info!!
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    We kinda did away with an, "Approved Holster List" and made a simple rule. The top of the holster can not extend beyond 3/4" from the body IF I remember correctly. Of course that applies to the Outside the Waist Band holsters (OWB). Inside the Waist Band (IWB) holsters most likely are going to be snug against the body by design anyway.

    So, many of the soft material holsters probably are going to make muster (pass the test) in IDPA except for local matches. State, regional type matches, everything gets looked at closely.
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    All excellent tips - thanks folks :)