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Already own a g 30 and a g 20 looking at purchasing a g32 don't hear anyone talking about them what's up.
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I have one and love it. What do you want to know about it? It is quickly becoming one of my favorite pistols.
I live in nc just wondering about price range and price of ammo? Don 't see many here in the pawn shop's and normally that is where they are the cheapest.

1000 rounds .357sig 125gr. $310
Ammo prices suck for 357 sig. The cheapest I have found for a 50rd box was like $17 at a gun show. You can get bulk buys (like posted above) and quality copper reloads for cheaper. You can also reload it pretty cheaply. Or you can just get a 40s&w barrel and play with the cheaper stuff and carry the 357 for protection or when you want to shoot some hot stuff. Also, it is kind of nice to have something a bit different than everyone else.
You could get a conversion barrel for your 20 if your trying to go the cheaper route. But that's doesn't mean you shouldn't buy another glock !
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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