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G30sf w/tlr-2 ankle holster

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I am looking for a ankle holster for my G30 but am struggling to find one that will work with my TLR-2. I want it for my ankle simply because I carry a Taurus Judge on my side. I know it's a bit large and I may have to switch my locations around. Just trying to check my options.
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Welcome to the forum UK!! Hang around and you will get some tips shorthly!
Welcome to the Glock Forum !!

We have quite a few holster vendors right here for you to check out:
Yeah, I don't think you'll find one. I think the only ankle that could support that setup would the ankle of an ELEPHANT.

Oh yeah, and welcome to the forum. :D
I assumed it would be a little large and heavy. Thanks for all the welcomes.
Yea...that setup is a little top heavy. Any why the Judge on the hip ?

I say lose the TLR on the Glock and wear that on your hip. The Judge

may be better on the night stand.
I am just a big fan of the Judge line. Bought the new polymer framed one to carry. Have it on a IWB tuckable holster. Outfitted the G30 with the TLR-2 for the nightstand. But like you said may have to lose it and move the Glock to my side for carry.
Welcome to the forum from another wild cat fan. I don't know of any holsters off hand but I'll keep an eye out

BTW I agree with moving the glock to the hip.
I carry the G30SF in a High Noon Split Decision IWB holster everyday...and love it !!

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I will definitely look into that holster. Thanks for the advice.

Always good to run into another 'Cat fan.
No problem...the holster referenced above holds the pistol high and tight to the body...

If you need it concealed, a shirt can be tucked in-between the holster clip and firearm...

or it can be covered by a T-shirt or button down left open. Works for me !!
Welcome to the Forum Cat Fan. I'm also a huge UK fan myself.
Again thanks for the help. I will probably go ahead and invest in one of those and remove the TLR.

Who would've thought that there would be UK fans on a Glock forum. Shows that the Big Blue Nation is truly everywhere
No problem...maybe you should also look into night sights,

should you need the firearm in a low light SD situation.

Trijicon, Meprolight, and TruGlo come to mind.
Welcome "UKWildcatfan"!
I have been using my Remora holster for my G30sf.

Picture from Remora website.

StickyHolster makes an ankle holster, but I have not used any of their products.
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I have seriously considered night sights before I acquired the TLR, but my girlfriend got it for me as a surprise anniversary gift so didn't have much of a decision to make there.

Blades, I'll look into those for sure if I decide to try the Glock in a holster. I noticed one of those sites had some IWB holsters that will work with my TLR. I appreciate the help
I don't think I've ever heard of someone wanting to carry a gun with a light on their ankle. I know for sure I've never seen a holster for one. There are dozens of ankle holsters for the G30. The only way to achieve one with the TLR2 attached would be to have one custom made. Even then, the gun would have to be worn very high or the light would likely stick out the bottom.

If you really wanted to carry in a setup like that, you could get the TLR4, which is the compact light/laser and which is only ~$100-120, and then have a holster made. That would be a much better way to carry the G30 with a light/laser combo as the TLR4 won't stick out nearly as far and is at best 2/3 of the weight.
Welcome Cat Fan, I am a UK grad and I have a son that is a junior there now..great school and awesome BBall team...BIG BLUE NATION
Jonm I was mainly wanting as a demonstration for my CCDW classes, even though I wouldn't be totally against carrying if I could find the right holster and it didn't weigh me down. I like to show folks the different options of carrying their firearms. Personally, I carry my Judge or a S&W bodyguard .380 on a daily basis. I definitely agree with you, the TLR is a bit bulky and makes the gun top heavy.
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