G30sf summer cc??

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by Chicagobears4life, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Chicagobears4life

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    Wondering if anyone carries the G30sf in the summer and if it conceals well in an iwb holster?? If so any suggestions on a holster? Thanks everybody
  2. Use the right holster, the right belt, and the right concealment garment and anything will conceal well. The guns size is less important than most seem to think. I usually carry my G23 in a IWB holster under a t-shirt in the summer with no problems.

  3. When I had mine I carried it in a neoprene Mike's (now Blackhawk) holster. Even carried it in my swim trunks at the beach like I do with the 19.
  4. bigskyguy

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    Galco S.O.B. (small of back) or KingTuk depending what I'm doing. Both conceal pretty well. Same weather I carry my 30sf or 19 Gen 4.
  5. iGlock

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    I carry a g30 non sf in iwb holster and im sorta big lol and yes its comftable
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