G30sf question.

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  1. I know it's probably been ask here before but I'm going to ask again. The "problems" that the G30's had was just on the SF models, right?
    Also, the "problem" was with the part of the Trigger Bar that contacts the firing pin safety being too tall so it'd hit the underside of the slide and cause failure to return to battery, am I correct so far?
    Reason I'm asking is because a friend of mine in AZ. just bought a G30sf and on the warranty card that wasn't sent in the previous owner checked the box saying that he Wouldn't Recommend Glock to his friends because the gun "jammed"(his words, not mine) 17 times in 400 rounds.
    I totally hate it when folks use the word "Jammed", people really need to learn how to describe their malfunctions better then by simply throwing out the generic word "jammed".
    Anyway, I told my friend not to worry too much about it, might have just been the guy was limp wristing the gun or using bad ammo. It's suppose to be a 2012 production gun and from what I've read all the "bugs" were suppose to have been worked out. I really hope that it'll work well for him because he kind of took my lead when I got my G30 in getting the G30sf. He wasn't a big Glock fan in the past but all my "braggin' " on the G30 talked him into the G30sf, I'd feel bad if it didn't work well. Anyway, if someone can just post some info on what was going on, what the fix was(guess the -1- trigger bar was it) so we can all kind of get caught up and be on the same page here. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. :)
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    Is this what you are describing?
    New trigger bar is marked 4256-1 with a grooved trigger.
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  3. From what I've read they either made the frame rails on the rear of the gun too low or the part of the trigger bar that contacts the firing pin safety plunger to tall or something.
    I know it doesn't effect my G30, I have a 4256 trigger bar in my gun and it works fine, no -1 or -1- needed but I'm not sure what my friend has in his gun. I'll probably call him tomorrow and see if I can find out. Since it's a 2012 model SF Glock should have had things fixed right? I just wonder why the previous owner had such negative comments to make about the gun on the warranty card.
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    As far as the gun being new yea, I would think so too.

    We'll never know without talking directly to him.

    If his gun is shooting fine and hes not complaining, we readly needn't worry about it right?
  5. He's not had a chance to shoot it yet as far as I know. He was just going by what the previous owner said on the warranty card about "jamming" 17 times in 400 rounds. That got him kind of worried that he might have gotten a Lemon. Still, like I told him, the guy might have been limp wristing or using bad ammo. Glocks, for the most part are pretty reliable despite the few problems a couple models have had.
    Hopefully he can get to Shooter's World and put a few rounds down range to see what if any issues the gun might have. Either way Glocks are pretty simple to fix since they have so few parts.
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    Also some G30sf's were fine and had no issues. I bet his is fine.
  7. That's what I'm hoping for. With any luck the previous owner just used bad ammo and limp wristed it a lot.
    I remember reading a lot about the Gen 4 G26 Glocks having a lot of "issues" but mine never missed a beat. I think some folks just have bad juju when it comes to guns/automobiles/computers, ect.
    You know some people could tear up a crowbar in a sandbox. :D
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    Yep! I have meet those people. :D
  9. Talked to my friend more yesterday about his G30sf. He told me it had the -1- trigger bar in it and there were no signs of it rubbing on the bottom of the slide. This really makes me think that the previous owner was just limp wristing the gun or using crappy ammo. No reason this gun shouldn't run like a Swiss(well, Austrian) watch.:D